TUES 01.28.14 Olympic Total today!

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Today's Olympic Total

On today's workout, we'll review the snatch and clean & jerk movements and then give you time to work up to your one-rep max (or the heaviest rep you can do TODAY!).
We're working on a full squat snatch and full clean today... in other words, in the snatch, you'll receive the bar in an overhead squat. In the clean, you'll receive the bar in a front squat before standing up.
If you max out quickly and there's time remaining, spend time on your technique with lighter weight or work on mobility.
Next month we'll max on power snatch and power clean. Check out the video below for some snatch tips...

Check out these tips from Rich Froning & Barbell Shrugged to improve your snatch & hit a big PR today!

Today's schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Dan
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Dan
8a: Open Gym- Lis
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Kelly
3:15p: College Intro Session- Lis & Jason
4p: Open Gym- Jim
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Lis & Jason
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Kelly
6:30p: Group Intro Session- Lis
7p: All Levels CrossFit- Kelly
8p: Open Gym- Kelly


Olympic Total:
A. Snatch:
In 15 minutes find your max FULL snatch
B. Clean & jerk: In 15 minutes find your max FULL clean & jerk
*Max snatch & max clean & jerk are both LEADERBOARD WODs, so if you make the board, be sure to confirm with your coach then update the board!

And coming tomorrow... QUARTERLY PROGRESS CHECKS WOD #3

A. Pull up: Work up to a 1-rep max weighted pull up OR do 3x5 pull up negatives
B. For time... LEADERBOARD WOD!: Row 250m
15 kettlebell swings 70/53#
25 burpees
15 kettlebell swings
Row 250m

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