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03.13.13 Feel the Love Day!

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Feel the Love Day!

SURPRISE! As a token of appreciation for being part of the CFM community, enjoy a coconut water today ON US! After your workout, help yourself to a small coconut water and a sample of the new noGRAINola (grain-free granola) we now carry in the pro shop. And thanks for helping our community grow!
We looooooooooooooove you. All of you. Even the ones who leave the bathroom light on and the toilet seat up. Even the sweaty people. Even the chalk monsters. Even those who leave half-empty water bottles all over the box like we're warding off aliens in an M Night Shyamalan movie. Even the peeps we haven't seen in ages. Ahem... Lynn. PJ. Nate L. Come back. We shall lure you back with coconut water.


Let's take over the Piedmont Park meadow on Saturday around 3. After Team CFM competes in the Open WOD 13.2, join us out in the Piedmont Park meadow, adjacent to Park Tavern, to throw the football & frisbee and hang out. Bring a cooler (and cups to be discreet if you plan to have an adult beverage). Let's enjoy this awesome weather!

Dyer. On. Fire. 13.1.

Workout of the Day

A. Bench Press: 5 sets of 2-3 reps @ 20x1 tempo, every 3min
B1. Dumbbell external rotation: 4 sets of 6-8 reps @3010 tempo, 30sec rest
B2. Dumbbell Powell raise: 4 sets of 6-8 reps @3010 tempo, 60sec rest
C. As many rounds & reps as possible in 8 minutes:
50 back squats 115/85#
50 burpees

And coming tomorrow...

A. Deadlift: 5 rounds of 8 reps, every 1:15
B. Every minute on the minute for 12 min:
Odd minutes - 3 touch & go power clean
Even minutes - 3 muscle-ups
C. Every minute on the minute for 12 min:
Odd: 6 kettlebell swings
Even: 6 ring dips


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The CrossFit Open - PLEASE come out to cheer on Team CFM as we complete Open WOD 13.1 at noon on Saturday. We'll warm up at noon and heats will start at 12:30. There's still time to register. ANYONE can do burpees, right? So that means anyone can score at least 40 on this WOD. We'll go from there :).
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is Sunday. Space is still available.
Bring-a-Friend Days today, tomorrow & Saturday.

Paleo Veda Spring Cleanse

Check out all the details here: 2013 CFM Paleo Veda Cleanse. Basically, we'll all partake in a seven-day cleanse, to detox our minds & bodies, lose a little weight and basically, shed our winter selves. $160 gets you pre & post-Cleanse meetings, daily coaching from Anna, meal plans/recipes, workouts/yoga sequences and step-by-step guidance on how to get the most out of this cleanse and prepare for Spring! Email Anna to register!



Thurs Night GIRL POWER! Lindsay, Ester, Tess & Cassie reppin' out lunge squats.

Workout of the Day - BRING-A-FRIEND FRIDAY!

Partner WOD: P1 & P2 alternate movements for as many rounds & reps in 15 minutes of:
1) Choose one: 15 cal AirDyne/250m row/200m run/20 double unders OR 60 singles, then
2) 7 burpees over partner, then
3) 10 kb swings
Repeat until time expires.

And coming tomorrow...BRING-A-FRIEND SATURDAY!

In teams of 6, rotate through each station for three rounds:
One minute max reps of -
1. Row (for cals)
2. Wall balls 20/14
3. Sumo deadlift high pull 75/55
4. Box jump 24/20
5. Push press 75/55

Friends who'd like to join us for a workout today or tomorrow can still reserve a spot in class by emailing FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com.

TUES 03.04.13 CrossFit Open starts tomorrow!

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CrossFit Open starts tomorrow!

The first workout will be unveiled at 8pm tomorrow night. We'll be doing the WODs as a TEAM, Saturdays at 12noon. But in the event you're out of town or can't make it one Saturday, you have a few options:
1) Email Lis to schedule a make-up time (options are Thurs night at 8p, Fri morning at 7a, or Sunday during Open Gym, 12-2).
2) Visit another box to do the Open WOD. Most other CrossFit gyms will also be hosting the Open WODs and can validate your score.

So what are you waiting for? If you have questions, post them in the comments. You have until Sunday to join the competition and complete the first workout. Join the fun!

We're also making a team shirt (see below), so let us know in the comments if you want one. We'll place the order Wednesday. They're $25 or $20 for Open competitors.


Get in on the action

Rawr. Order now.


Due to the Olympic Lifting Seminar at the gym Sunday 3/10, there will be no Open Gym. If you still want to break a sweat on Sunday, join us for a Park WOD at 12noon. Meet at the gazebo/benches in the middle of Piedmont Park's Active Oval for some fun!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Clean & Jerk: Work to a heavy single in 10 minutes
B. "Grace":
For time - 30 clean & jerks 135/95#

And coming tomorrow...

A. Muscle ups: 10 min skill practice
B. "Diane":
For time -
Deadlifts 225#/155#
Handstand push ups

MON 03.04.13

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Raise your game!

I'm lucky to be involved with a mentoring & accountability group (the BIZ) of CrossFit affiliate owners who support, challenge & inspire each other regularly to step our games up with a goal of helping more people improve their lives with CrossFit.
Three times a year, we get together for BIZ workshops and this past weekend's gathering was in Dallas, Texas. I had a great weekend of hanging with good friends and learning how to develop the CrossFit Midtown staff into a stronger team of individuals better equipped to help YOU, our students.
I hope you all have similarly inspiring groups of people in your lives who push you every day to raise your game.
YOU: the CFM students... are very inspiring to me. So is our staff at CFM.
So I want to take this chance to thank everyone on our team who helps CFM run on a day-to-day basis. I never guessed that 9 1/2 months into running CFM, I'd be able to take back-to-back weekends away from the gym to attend a dear friend's wedding and then the BIZ seminar.
Big thanks to our coaches, yoga teachers, staff, Instructor Training Program members & interns: Dan, Dyer, Beka, Cassie, Walter, Don, Amy, Uran, Beth, Monica, Alicia, Tirzah, Lindsay, Jon DLP, Erin, Matt, Levy... YOU ROCK!
Keep up the great work gang... let's make this an awesome March!


Get in on the action


Due to the Olympic Lifting Seminar at the gym Sunday 3/10, there will be no Open Gym. If you still want to break a sweat on Sunday, join us for a Park WOD at 12noon. Meet at the gazebo/benches in the middle of Piedmont Park's Active Oval for some fun!

Two of our newest students Jenny (front) & Kristi rocking the ring rows in Coach Cassie's Thursday night Beginners class.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Skill practice: Rope climbs
B. For time:
30 handstand push ups, 10 pull ups
20 handstand push ups, 20 pull ups
10 handstand push ups, 30 pull ups

And coming tomorrow...

A. Clean & Jerk: Work to a heavy single in 10 minutes
B. "Grace":
For time - 30 clean & jerks 135/95#

03.01.13 Minimalist March

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March challenge: cut down the clutter

This month, I challenge you to cut down on stuff... clutter... junk. Whether it be virtual clutter in the form of an overflowing email inbox, or just cleaning out your closet, let's cut down on clutter in our lives. You'd be surprised what peace of mind it gives you to simplify your life. I just sorted/deleted/archived and have almost conquered my email inbox (100 more in the archives to sort) and the past week has been much more productive because of it.
See if you can get rid of something every day this month. What will you tackle first?

Bring-a-Friend Days next week

Every quarter, we invite your friends to join us for three special days of workouts planned specially to give everyone of every fitness level a great workout. It's a chance for your friends to see what the CrossFit fuss is all about!
Next Thursday, Friday & Saturday (3/7-3/9), we're ready to host 20 students per class (14 CFM students & 6 guests). Please help spread the word!
Guests can reserve a space in class by emailing FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com. We'll email back to confirm which class they can join.
Along with kicking off our first CrossFit Open ever, with WOD 13.1 next Saturday at noon, AND the Olympic Lifting seminar next Sunday, it's bound to be an amazing weekend. Don't miss it!


Get in on the action...A little birdie told me Tirzah & Lynn will be joining Team CFM today!

To any of your friends doubting they can do CrossFit, show them this picture of my 67-year-old mother doing yesterday's WOD. With a positive attitude, ANYONE, of any age, ability, fitness level, etc, can do CrossFit. We will scale next week's workouts as necessary for our guests.

Workout of the Day (WOD) - BENCHMARK FRIDAY!

For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Rx: do all reps of one movement before moving on. Beginners: COACHES WILL HELP YOU SCALE REPS & MOVEMENTS!

And coming tomorrow...Team workout:

In teams of 3:
60sec of single unders (EVEN IF YOU CAN DOUBLE...do faster singles)
60sec of kb swings
60sec of sit-ups
alternate movements
x12 total min

Team score= total reps of all singles, swings and sit-ups done by everyone

THURS 02.28.13

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Facing Fears

by Uran
In addition to my effort to find balance in my life this year, I’m also trying to face more of my fears.
Last week, I went indoor rock climbing. Now, I’m not afraid of heights per se, but the idea of hanging on that artificial rock face has always made me really nervous. In spite of that, I still really wanted to try it, so I put on my big girl harness and showed up.
I’m really glad I did. It was downright terrifying, and I didn’t make it all the way to the top of the wall on any of my attempts, but I did get up there. For me, that’s all that mattered. It was a huge step, and it gave me the confidence to try it again sometime.
I’ve also signed up for the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar to get over my intimidation of going heavy on snatch, and I’m planning to take swim lessons (again) this summer to get over my crippling fear of water.
Is there anything you want to do, but are too scared or intimidated to try?
Maybe it's the Crossfit Open? I’ve heard a lot of concerns about not being able to do all the workouts Rx'ed (Rx is CrossFit-speak for as prescribed, or as written/without modifications).
That’s ok! I’m certainly not going to be doing everything as prescribed, but I know I can still get a score (aka do as many reps as possible Rx) and then do the rest of my workout scaled. Plus, you get the opportunity to compete alongside your friends and coaches in a supportive and encouraging environment. All for the low low price of $20!
If you’ve been considering doing something that scares you, don’t let your fear of trying hold you back.

Note from Lis: Uran's post reminded me of this awesome and very short (and FREE!) ebook I read once called THE FLINCH:
"The idea is simple: your flinch mechanism can save your life. It short-circuits the conscious mind and allows you to pull back and avoid danger faster than you can even imagine it’s there. But what if danger is exactly what you need? What if facing the flinch is the one best way to get what you want?"
Check it out.


Get in on the action.

Roll Out.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Mobility work!
B. GOAT WORK: A "goat" is something you're bad at (baaaaa-d at?). Choose a skill to work on for 10 minutes. Poor goats get a bad rap.
C. As many rounds & reps as possible in 15 minutes:
9 dumbbell/kettlebell push press
12 supine ring rows OR pull ups (do pull ups only if you plan on taking Friday off ;))
300m row OR 250m run OR 40 double unders OR AirDyne 15 cals (your choice)

And coming tomorrow...BENCHMARK FRIDAY

"Angie"For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Rx: do all reps of one movement before moving on. Beginners: COACHES WILL HELP YOU SCALE REPS & MOVEMENTS!

02.27.13 Healthy Choice is not a healthy choice

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Healthy Choice is not a healthy choice

I used to think it was. Throughout my 20s, my freezer was regularly stocked with "healthy" frozen meals like Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and Lean Pockets. Have you ever read the ingredients in these "food-ish" items? I say food-ish because this stuff only resembles food. There's hardly any actual REAL, WHOLE food in those meals.
So I was shocked when a CFM student told me this week that he'd like to lose some belly fat, but has been eating well and is still stalling. After asking a few questions, I discovered that his version of "eating well" was stocking the freezer each week with those convenient frozen meals featuring clever marketing & labeling, designed to make you THINK you're eating well.
I tell everyone who does an intro session at CFM that we offer basic paleo nutrition counseling (email us to take advantage!) by reviewing a food log for you once a month. I also emphasize that I don't expect everyone to embrace both the CrossFit AND Paleo lifestyles all at once. CrossFit is intimidating enough. Eventually though, you'll need to make some dietary adjustments to see the phenomenal results you want. Not to mention, you will also FEEL & PERFORM better (during WODs and during LIFE).
So start by eating REAL FOOD. Read labels. If you can't pronounce, have never heard of, or are disgusted by something you read, DON'T EAT IT!
And if you're not a great cook, or prefer the convenience of those foodish freezer meals mentioned above, why not invest in a few weeks of a paleo meal delivery service?

Edesia Meals is a new company run by trained chef AND CrossFit coach AND good friend of CFM, Veronica Case. Her meals range from $10-12 each, you can order a la carte (10% discount for orders over $55) AND they are delicious. She brought me a sample today of a Middle Eastern-style turkey burger with a spicy tomato jam that was the FREAKING BOMB. Get your orders in Sunday for Tuesday delivery to CFM.

Urban Pl8 is a restaurant on the Westside that offers 3- & 5-day meal plans for about $8-10 per meal. Orders are due by Sunday at 5 for delivery to CFM the next day (Monday).

AND, my friends (and ELITE CrossFit athletes) Amber & Emily have teamed up with Whole Foods (Ponce location only) for a Paleo meal service. It costs $120 for five days of food. You pick up at Whole Foods twice a week (first on Sun night/Mon morning, then again Wed night/Thurs morning). Order by Friday at noon for the following week.
If you try one out, please let us know what you think!


Get in on the action.

My buddy Meesh (center) visited our 8pm Thurs night class a few weeks ago. Bring your friends to enjoy a CrossFit WOD with you next week: Thurs, Fri & Sat, March 8-10th for Bring-A-Friend Days. Have your guests email FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com to reserve their spot in class!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Barbell Lunge Squat: 4 sets of 12-15 reps @3010 tempo, every 3min
B. For time:
Power Clean 115#/75#
Bar-facing burpees

And coming tomorrow...

A. Mobility work!
B. GOAT WORK: A "goat" is something you're bad at. Choose a skill to work on for 10 minutes. Poor goats.
15 minute amrap:
9 dumbbell or kettlebell push press
12 pull ups
300m row OR 250m run OR 40 double unders