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MON 04.15.13 Congrats Matt & Megan!

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Quarterly Progress Checks are 4/29-5/4.

Don't miss Quarterly Check-In week (in two weeks!) at the box as we test/retest several benchmark workouts, including your Baseline. Baseline testing will also be available both Sat & Sun the weekends before & after Quarterly Check-In week (4/27-2/28 & 5/4-5/5).
We'll also be doing some brief goal-setting/reflection at the beginning of each class, but if you wish to put more time into setting your goals for the coming quarter, join Lis for a GOAL-SETTING WORKSHOP at noon on Sat, May 4th.

Powerlifting for Pink

This weekend, I (Lis) am competing in my second powerlifting meet north of the city at CrossFit Johns Creek. For anyone who cares to make the trek to cheer me on, or just check out a powerlifting meet if it so intrigues you, I'll be lifting starting a little after 10a and continuing until around 2p. The three lifts are back squat, bench press and deadlift. Each lifter gets three attempts for their best lift, then we move on to the next lift. I plan to compete in the 148# weight class and set three state records. Come check it out! $5 minimum donation is requested at the door. Event proceeds benefit Paint Georgia Pink.

Congrats to Matt C/REX & Megan on welcoming their second little girl, Reagan Ellen, into the world on Saturday morning.

Workout of the Day

Every 5 min for 3 rounds: A1. Back Squat: 15-20 reps @2211 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. Weighted pullup: 4-6 reps @2112 tempo
Every 3 min for 4 rounds:
B1. Dumbbell kneeling torso row: 8-10 reps @3010 tempo, 15sec rest
B2. AMRAP Dips: As many dips as possible at 2010 tempo
C. As many rounds/reps as possible in 6 min:
3 chest-to-bar pullups
3 burpees
6 chest-to-bar pullups
6 burpees ...
Then 9 of each, 12 of each, and so on, until time expires.

And coming tomorrow...

Every 3 min for 4 rounds:
A1. Push Press: 4-6 reps @11X2 tempo, 30sec rest
A2. Hang Power Clean: 3-5 reps
B. 5 rounds for time:
4 handstand push ups
8 hang power cleans 115/85#

FRI 04.12.13 Upcoming Events

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Mark your calendars!

Tuesday nights at 7p: NINJA TRAINING - Starting next week, join Lindsay at 7p at the box or meet her at the Piedmont Park Active Oval at 7:15, for some running speedwork! This visit does count as one of your weekly classes, so please RSVP online and Lindsay will log you in (if you meet at the park).
Mon, April 29-Sat, May 4: Quarterly Progress Checks... Retest your Baseline, CrossFit Total and a few other benchmark workouts all week long. Don't miss this week at CFM!
Saturday, May 4th: Goal-setting workshop with Lis. Join us for a free goal-setting workshop at noon, to set your goals for the next quarter. Wrap up Quarterly Progress Check Week with some goal-setting for the upcoming quarter!
Saturday, May 11th: Strong4Life Field Day at Piedmont Park, 9a-12n AND 1st Anniversary Party at CFM, 7-10p
Tuesday, May 14th: Birthday WOD! Join us for a birthday WOD at the 8pm class. Maybe Arielle will make cake balls 🙂
Saturday, May 18th: Self-defense seminar with Walter

Monday, May 27th:

Memorial Day Murph... join us at the box for a Hero WOD and then a cookout. We'll be collecting optional donations for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Welcome to new student Charles gettin' his row on in his first class at CFM!

Workout of the Day: Benchmark Friday

A. Front Squat: Work to a heavy single in 8 minutes
B. Karen:
150 wall balls for time 20#/14#

Beginner options - scale to 50 or 100 wall balls, or 150 air squats, for time.

And coming tomorrow...TAKE IT OUTSIDE!***

Team WOD!
In teams of 4 -
As fast as possible, complete:
3 rounds for time -
50 wall ball tosses & 50 burpees (2 partners toss ball 10' back and forth while other two team members do burpees between them. All reps must be in sync...so no ball toss rep w/o a burpee rep at the same time)
50 cleans 115/85
50 partner leg throws (core work)
50 overhead walking lunge steps 45/25
50 kettlebell swings 70/53

If you drive to the box Saturday, please use our FREE overflow parking 1/2 block north of the gym. Park in any of the New South Construction spots in the pay lot located between 13th & 14th & Spring & West Peachtree (enter the lot from W Peachtree or 13th)...and if you live within a half-mile of the box and don't take advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a walk or jog to the gym, we reserve the right to poke you with a PVC stick.

THURS 04.11.13 No doubt

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by Uran
It creeps in, and left unchecked, will slowly start to gain ground in your life. I’ve seen, heard, and experienced it a lot as an athlete. Perhaps it’s staring at a loaded bar for your 1-rep max at a weight you’ve never attempted before. Maybe it’s the box jumps you struggle to perform. Or the pullup bar. Or the rings. Whatever your challenges are, doubting in your ability to perform them will likely become a self-fulfilling prophecy if left untended. So how can we combat the uncertainty that comes with testing our physical limits?
First, embrace the doubt. It has it’s place. It can alert us of potential trouble and keeps us safe when we perform a movement. Second, realize that it’s only the truth if you let it be the truth. We’ve all surprised ourselves in the gym. If you look back to your first WOD versus how you’re performing today, I bet you now have a whole list of skills you never thought you’d be able to do.
Remember that when you find doubt worming its way into your thoughts. And finally, stir up your doubts. Take some time each week to really think about the skills that you doubt yourself in the most and face those head on. Find some progressions to work through. Try a few mobility exercises. Ask a coach for advice.
The trouble with unchecked doubt is that it starts as “can’t” and ends as a “won’t”. Don’t let it get there. Keep those suckers in check!

Ninja Training starts next week!

Former UNC track star Coach Lindsay will be leading a weekly Ninja Training running class on Tuesdays at 7pm. The Atlanta area hosts so many road races and obstacle/mud runs that it's time we get a CFM team together!
This is also great prep for Memorial Day Murph (MDM), a hero WOD we're hosting at the box on Monday, May 27th... if you've never done Murph, there are several versions for any level of CrossFitter to participate. The full WOD consists of:
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run
More details on MDM comin' atcha next week. But basically, plan on joining Lindsay for Ninja Training every Tuesday as we test drive the new CFM running/ninja/obstacle training club.
Whether you plan to join us at the box on Memorial Day or not, enjoy this beautiful weather with a weekly run over to Piedmont Park, some speedwork and bodyweight exercises, and a run back! Meet at the box at 7 for a warm-up run to the park, or meet at the Piedmont Park Active Oval at 7:15.

Calin in the aftermath of CF Open WOD 13.3. Thanks to Carlos aka the man behind The Face of Fitness for shooting some pics as we competed.

Yoga tonight at 8:15 with Monica!

Workout of the Day

A. Goat work: Pick a skill to work on for 10 minutes!
B. As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
500m row OR 400m run
10 ring dips
10 strict pull ups

And coming tomorrow...Benchmark Friday

A. Front Squat: Work to a heavy single in 8 minutes
B. Karen:
150 wall balls for time 20#/14#

Beginner options - scale to 50 or 100 wall balls, or 150 air squats, for time.

WED 04.10.15 Rowing class on Wed NOW!

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The PR & Goals Board

Have you noticed the Goals/PR/Accomplishments board in the gym? It's over by the stereo...
Set new goals every month and post them on the board. I am PUMPED at how many people have posted goals this month!
AND brag about your accomplishments once you achieve them. PR stands for personal record and we want to track them every month too.
When you post a PR or accomplishment, don't think of it as bragging (unless you like to brag, in which case, DO IT. Be proud!), but instead you are helping to motivate other CFM students. Be proud of your goals and accomplishments and relish in the fact that they might motivate others to step it up right along with you!
Joe P (from the AM crowd) recently did his first WOD with the 2-pood kettlebell. Ellen did her first WOD with all Rx-ed pull ups AND got her first chest-to-bar pull ups already this month. Arielle also learned a KILLER kip and got her first chest-to-bar pull ups.
Post this stuff on the board to help each other strive for success.
How awesome will it be at the end of April to say: "EGADS! CROSSFIT MIDTOWN HAD 100 PRS THIS MONTH AND TWO OF THEM WERE MINE!"

I mean, saying EGADS is awesome in itself, but all the PRs will also be really cool. Who else has PR'ed this month? Share in the comments! (AND post on the board)

Congrats to RiRa gift card winners Brianne & Stuart!

They were our first peeps to get in on the Field Day. Who else is gonna join us for some fun on May 11th? Field Day 9a-12n and PAR-TAY in the box 7-10pm.

Bridget, Cassie & Lis...GO BRAVES! We gotta plan a CFM outing to a game soon. Who's in?

Yoga at noon today with Beth!

ROWING is now on Wednesdays at 7

(no more Tues night rowing)... Don't forget to reserve your spot online! Here's tonight's programming:
A. 2000m time trial
B. 7 rounds of 500m every 4 minutes

Workout of the Day

A. Shoulder & core mobility & warm-up
B. Turkish get ups: 50 reps NOT FOR TIME

And coming tomorrow...

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
500m row OR 400m run
10 ring dips
10 strict pull ups

TUES 04.09.13 Time to register for Field Day

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I am so thrilled at the community we're building at CFM. And my goal for our community is not only to become fitter, stronger and healthier together, but also to do community service together.
That's why we're holding our first Strong4Life Field Day at Piedmont Park on Saturday, May 11th. Teams of 4 will compete in several fun events...tug-of-war, hooverball, team relay (wheelbarrow, sack race, dizzy bat & burpee leap frog) & skills challenge (softball throw, three-legged race & hula hoop contest). EVERY EVENT WILL HAVE A WINNER, so even if you hate Hooverball and plan to forfeit those games and instead sun yourself in the sand (ahem, ALISON) you might still have a shot at winning a prize for Best Costume! And really, eveyone wins in the competition for FUN TIMES & AWESOME KARMA.

So get in on the Field Day. First team to register wins $100 to spend at RiRa. So wait, lemme do the math for you... donate $100 to Strong4Life... get back $100 to spend at RiRa... carry the 1... ummm... THAT'S LIKE A BREAK EVEN!

So hurry up and register! More details & registration HERE! Once you make your donation, we'll follow up to confirm team name & members.

Not sure who to team up with? Well allow me to give you some ideas (ps- we canned the one-girl-required-on-a-team rule, so all-male teams are now a GO...possibly with a handicap when matched up against females. And all ages are welcome):
Kerry & Co- Kerry & his lovely family
Team Panama Tan- Graham + hubby + the boys
Team TWINS - Molyson twins + Jason L + his twin sister
Big Guys - P Lane, J Herm, Dan F & Big Jim
Team Nooner - Jim H, David L, Brad, Kevin
Tha Broz - Cap, Calin, Ruff, Vicente
Festival-Goers - Ellen, Dave, Cary, Levy
Gators Wear Jean Shorts - Adam, Amanda, Arielle, Lee
Lemons - Lindsay, Nina, Don, someone else in stretchy pants

OMG, LIS, WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I'll hit those peeps up right now to be on my team! ...you're welcome.

Jason L reppin' CFM at the Tough Mudder. Congrats on surviving the race, Jason!

Workout of the Day

Every 4min for 4 rounds:
A1. 12-16 reps deadlift @2010 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press L @3010 tempo, no rest
A3. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press R @3010 tempo
Every 3min for 7 rounds:
B1. 3-4 reps Power Clean, 15sec rest
B2. 3-4 reps Close-grip Bench Press @11X1 tempo

And coming tomorrow...

A. Shoulder & core mobility & warm-up
B. Turkish get ups: 50 reps NOT FOR TIME

MON 04.08.13 The Open is over!

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Congrats to all CFM athletes on completing the CrossFit Open!

CFM had 33 athletes participate in this year's CrossFit Open, the first round of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. What an exciting five weeks!
So many personal records were set: Amanda PR'ed her jerk, Tirzah & Monica PR'ed clean & jerks (and did their first toes-to-bar), Ellen & Arielle got their first chest-to-bar pull ups, and 25+ athletes competed in their first CrossFit Open. Congrats to everyone on a great season!
This week's top finishers were D-Lo (80), Matt C/REX (62), Dan W (58), Lis (57), Lindsay (57) & Krystol (56).
Check out the final CFM leaderboard here:

KRYSTOL KILLED IT! For her badass performance in the Open, she wins a $50 gift card to Ri-Ra. CONGRATS!
With a young community of athletes new to CrossFit, and others training inconsistently, no one from CFM will move on to the next round of competition. Team CFM will be competing in local events throughout the spring and summer, and we'll start Competition team programming in the fall.
Training starts today for the 2014 CrossFit Open!

Flashback to Open WOD 13.4. Check out Monica getting her first reps of a 95# clean & jerk and first toes-to-bars!

Workout of the Day

Every 3min for 3 rounds:
A1. 8-10 reps barbell step-up L @1010 tempo, no rest
A2. 8-10 reps barbell step-up R @1010 tempo
B. As many rounds & reps as possible in 15min
40sec plank hold
20 box jump overs 24/20"
10 wall balls 20/14#

And coming tomorrow...

Every 4min for 4 rounds:
A1. 12-16 reps deadlift @2010 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press L @3010 tempo, no rest
A3. 10-12 reps dumbbell single-arm press R @3010 tempo
Every 3min for 7 rounds:
B1. 3-4 reps Power Clean, 15sec rest
B2. 3-4 reps Close-grip Bench Press @11X1 tempo

FRI 04.05.13 Open Finale tomorrow!

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The CrossFit Open concludes this week!

Join Team CFM Saturday at noon for the last WOD of the Open. WOD 13.5 consists of four minutes (maybe more!) of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull ups. BYOB to have drinks after the workout with the crew. We'll be hanging out from 12 to 2. Come join the fun!

Congrats Mike D!

It's always amazing to see & hear about the progress of our CFM students as you get stronger & healthier both in and out of the gym. So I was THRILLED to get this message from Michael this week, and he agreed to let me share it on the blog.
From Michael:
I did not realize what an impact two months at CFM had made until I played tennis last Saturday. My serve had always been a strong point in my game, however for the past three years I had been losing power and suffering from sharp shoulder pain. This past match however, I felt like a new person. There was no pain, my serve was faster than ever, and my body seemed to float on the court.
On one of my serves I heard a loud snap, first looking down expecting to see a broken string, I soon realized I was hitting so hard I actually cracked the racket (see below).
Thanks for all the training and support, I'm very happy to have been able to join your community while I was not traveling. While I'll be around some Friday through Sundays, moving forward, I hope once my crazy consulting travel schedule stops I can return on a more regular basis. Thanks for getting me back to racket-breaking speed 🙂

Check out Mike D's broken racket. No big deal. DISCLAIMER: CFM is not responsible for the stuff you destroy after you get so wicked strong you can't help but break stuff. 🙂

Workout of the Day - Benchmark Friday

A. Goat work: Work for 10 minutes on a skill of your choosing.
B. "Nancy":
5 rounds for time:
400m run
15 Overhead Squats 95#/65#

And coming tomorrow...Partner WOD

Partner 1 (P1) - 500m row OR 400m run OR 40 AirDyne cals OR 100 double unders OR 200 singles
Partner 2 (P2) - rests
P1/P2 alternate for a total of 12 rounds. Goal is to hit the same pace on each interval.