05.19.12 – PYROBAR

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A. 3RM Back Squat

B. PYROBAR - Your shoulders will be on FI-YA!
CFM's first original benchmark WOD, named for the amazing building blocks of our box:
3 Rounds:
3 wall climbs
6 handstand push ups
9 toes to bar
12 pull ups

CELEBRITY SIGHTING! That vampire from Twilight (James) coaching that famous photographer (Carlos) to new squat clean and C&J PRs!


Every Sunday for the past few weeks, we meet at the park for a FREE WOD, open to the public (and suitable for all activity levels). This is your chance to exercise in the great outdoors, drag that friend along who doesn't understand CrossFit, and play outside with your new CFM friends.
Come on out Sunday at 10 am, and stay to play HOOVERBALL afterward at 11. This week we'll meet by the sand volleyball courts in the Piedmont Park active oval. Come for the WOD and stay for HooverBall, or pick one or the other. Either way, we'd love to see you there!
The closest parking is on the streets off Piedmont, west of the park (13th, 12th, 11th) or in the parking deck off Monroe. BUT YOU SHOULD REALLY JUST JOG OR RIDE A BIKE THERE! Check the CFM FB page for an update if there's inclement weather.


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A. Gymnastics Skill Work - 10 minutes
Pick a skill you need practice on - rope climb footwork, muscle ups, ring holds, L-sits, handstands, handstand walks, kipping pull-ups - and work on it for 10 minutes. If you're not sure, ask your coach and he/she will help you choose.

B. 15 min AMRAP
10 walking lunges (10 ea leg)
10 kettlebell swings 53/35
20 double unders
If you feel beaten down from this week of training, take this WOD at about 70-80%. Easy pace, never gassed, short breaks between movements and rounds. If you feel good, go for it.
Rx+ - each movement UB. Don't move on until you do the reps unbroken.

BROMANCE! That's Dan on the left and Drew Vabulas/Vabs on the right. Yes, his name rhymes with FABULOUS. Awesome, right?


It's the end of your first ever week of CrossFit for some of you - your first week back to regular training for others. So how are you feeling? Are you feeling strong? Energized? Excited about making progress? Or are you super sore? Achy? Irritable? Worn down?

If you say yes to more of the latter than the former choices, you need to take better care of yourself outside the box.

We can help you while you're here, but the other 23 hours of the day are equally important. Make sure you get plenty of sleep (in a DARK room...even light from the alarm clock can disturb your sleep), limit your stress, drink plenty of water, take fish oil, AND EAT WELL - start making the transition to paleo - get the CRAP out of your diet! Limit alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes and dairy.

Need help with paleo? Jasmine and Lis are teaching a FOOD AS FUEL class on Sat, June 9 from noon-1:30. It's free to members and we'll answer all your questions and share some great tactics for making the paleo lifestyle sustainable for you. Email to reserve your spot.



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A. Work to a heavy power clean single

B. Hang power clean:
2EMOM (2 every minute on the minute) for 8 minutes

C. Box jumps:
5 Rounds of 10 UB, :30 rest
Pick a height you can do for 10 unbroken.

Monica and Zack on the ring rows... ladies, if you don't think you can do CrossFit, check out the chick in the boot, POWERING THROUGH!


Every Sunday we meet out at Piedmont Park for a WOD at 10 am. Bring your friends... these WODs are open to all skill levels and open to the public. This week we'll meet over near the sand volleyball courts in the active oval. Hang around afterward for some HOOVER BALL if you dare!



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A. 3 x 1:00 Row @ 60%, 80%, 100%


C. FOR FORM (not for time)

10, 9, 8...3, 2, 1 Dynamic Push Up

1, 2, 3...8, 9, 10 Supine Ring Pull Up OR Ring Row

Dynamic Push Ups:

The adorable Olivia, climbing on post-WOD Daddy (Dyer)

Don't I come here to check out?

During yesterday's shuttle runs I told Geoff and Alison they had to calculate their interval times during their rest break.
They joked with me about having to do math during the WOD.
"Don't I come here to check out?" asked Geoff.
The answer is no. Maybe in your globo gym day you put on your headphones, hopped on the treadmill or elliptical, and stared at the TVs, tuning out as the minutes passed until your cardio was done.
At CrossFit Midtown, you're here to learn and improve as an athlete. So don't plan on "checking out" while you're here. YES, we want you to leave work/stress/family life/etc at the door, but you do need to focus.
Be present. Focus on the skills we're working on that day, and devote this time to improving your health and fitness. And keep up the great work!


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A. 60-Yard Pro Long Shuttle
From starting cone, run 5 yds. Touch ground. Backpedal 5 yds.
Run 10 yds. Touch ground. Backpedal 10 yds.
Run 15 yds. Touch ground. Backpedal 15 yds.
Repeat 8 times. Rest 1 minute between shuttles.

B. Tabata TRUNK
Atomic Sit Ups 45#/25#
Hollow Rocks
Plank Hold
Do :20 work, :10 rest. Repeat for 8 Rds. Scaled=4 Rds.

Welcome to Beth, Patrick, Kenley, Zack, Carolyn, Chuck, Geoff, Vabs, Matt and Dyer!

Patrick and Kenley front squatting.

SAVE THE DATE - Food as Fuel class - Saturday, June 9th, 12-1:30pm

Join Lis and Jasmine to learn the basics of the paleo diet and how to make it work with your lifestyle. This class is free to members.

Grand Opening Day - Saturday, June 16th:

Fran Challenge Prelims during AM classes
Party time - 5-8 pm in the box
Our friends from Vita Coco, Stronger Faster Healthier and Anheuser-Busch will be providing some goodies. AND we'll have a DJ...there's talk of one big DANCE VIDEO being filmed for the Facebook/YouTube page. You're gonna be famous.
More details are coming soon. Stay tuned.

05.14.2012 – Opening Day

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A. Find your 1RM Strict Press

B. It's a Climb
For time:
10 Front Squat 135/95
1 ascent, 14.5' Rope Climb
8 Front Squat
1 Rope Climb
6 Front Squat
1 Rope Climb
4 Front Squat
1 Rope Climb
2 Front Squat
1 Rope Climb

For our members new to CrossFit - NEVER avoid a WOD because you see it on the blog and psych yourself out. "HOLY MOLY. Rope climbs? These people are crazy." We'll show you how to scale all movements to your ability level.

Dan & Lis... it took surprisingly few takes to get this shot.

Dream Big

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." -Jane Howard, Families

I am living a dream. When I first tried CrossFit three years ago, it took me six months to go back and finally join. I had no idea then how this sport would change my life.
I wasn't a very happy person back then, and it's taken time for me to make changes in my life, develop healthy habits and find a fulfilling career, to make me happy. A big part of this transformation is thanks to the people I've met along the way.
I was having drinks with friends at the Midtown Taco Mac on a Wednesday night last October when I decided to open a CrossFit affiliate. Sure, I’d rolled the idea around in my head before, but on that night it clicked.
Since then, I’ve been a hot mess of emotions, but I have a zillion people to thank for mentoring me, teaching me what it takes to run a successful CrossFit affiliate, for pushing me toward my goal, and for scooping me up and putting me back on track when I stumbled.
Today we open a business that will help people improve their lives. I am so humbled by the support of my friends and family throughout this process.

Thank you to:
-my family, for always telling me I can do anything and encouraging me to make the world a better place…even when I doubt myself, you believe in me.
-every affiliate owner who took the time to share your wisdom and advice.
-the other trainers I’ve worked with; clients I’ve coached; athletes I’ve trained with; to the people I’ve met at competitions, certifications, seminars and other CF events for making the community what it is.
-the team at The BIZ and the whole Tribe network/family for setting me up for success.
-Coach Glassman for creating this amazing sport and community.

Finally, thanks to our small and growing community at CrossFit Midtown. I am so excited to see what the future holds.

Without my clan… my network… my tribe… my family, this dream would never have come to fruition.

What are your goals? Set some. Then share them. You’d be surprised at who can help.