THURS 6.27.13 Congrats to BEKA, our new Assistant Operations Manager!

It takes a village

The CrossFit Midtown community is growing. And as our student body and programs expand, so does our need for a strong team.
I’m so proud to announce, as we build that team, that Beka was promoted this month to Assistant Operations Manager at CFM!
If you train in the mornings, you know Beka well already as she coaches the early birds four days a week. She’s also added a few noon classes to her coaching schedule, as well as some intro sessions. Beka will also be helping with some event planning, accountability & nutrition coaching, and she’ll be taking the CFM reins while I’m on vacation next month (Amen :)).
Beka came to us from another local CrossFit gym, with some CrossFit & boot camp coaching experience. She heard about our Instructor Training Program (ITP) last fall & contacted me to learn more. We met a few times, and soon she was active in ITP, then coaching classes, & now she helps run the program along with Cassie!
Along with Cassie & Carlos, Beka also recently attended Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar. We’ll share more of her tips from that workshop on the blog next week.
Congrats on your new role Beka, and thanks for all you do!
As always, let any of your CFM coaches know how we can help improve your training & quest for better health & fitness.

Beka competing at a spring 2012 Garage Games CrossFit event.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Max reps chin up: 3 sets, rest 5 min between sets (DO MOBILITY WORK DURING BREAKS)
B. Rope climbs: 10 min of skillwork
C. Time trial: 2k row

And coming tomorrow…

A. Front squat: 3-3-3+
B. Nancy:
5 rounds for time –
400m run
15 Overhead squats 95/65

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