What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is the sport of fitness. Anyone with the right attitude can do it. Get the scoop here.

What Is A School Of Elite Fitness?

This is not just another workout. It’s a learning environment. We’re training our bodies and minds to become stronger with every workout. We challenge you to work outside your comfort zone and practice new skills. But it will take exactly that: PRACTICE. You won’t be amazing at this right away, and that’s okay. This is your journey toward elite fitness. We teach athletes of all skill levels in classes that include elements of functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, gymnastics, kettlebell and medicine ball training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing, running and jumping rope. Our students come from all walks of life, in different shapes and sizes, with various experience levels. We can teach anyone with the right attitude!

What Is A WOD?

WOD stands for Workout Of the Day. Pronounced WAD, it’s the name given to the workout that every class on a given day will perform. So whether you train with us at 6am or 6pm, you’ll do the same WOD. You’ll soon learn that CrossFit has plenty of acronyms. We’ll explain as you go!


What Is A Class Like?

At CrossFit Midtown, every class is different, but they’re all led by an experienced, CrossFit-certified coach. Our classes are intense, challenging, and FUN. Much smaller than a typical Globo-Gym or boot camp class, our classes are a cross between a group personal training session and a sports team practice. The class setting is a supportive atmosphere where it’s not uncommon to hear cheering, yelling, and encouragement. Classes last one hour and include a dynamic warm-up, mobility, skill and strength work, and a metabolic conditioning workout (that’s fancy talk for intense cardio). After the warm-up, your coach will explain the workout and applicable scaling/modifications. All classes include a review of the movements and their main points of performance. Everyone in our classes gets an amazing workout. You’ll all do the same workout of the day (WOD), but we scale the workout for each student depending on your abilities. Sometimes we time the WODs, to create some friendly competition and so you can measure your progress. You might be a little tired or sore after class, but you’ll also be stronger, smiling, and feeling better than when you came in!

Why don't you do Elements/On-Ramp group classes?

We don’t offer an Elements or On-Ramp group class. It takes more than three (or six or more) sessions to properly learn all the CrossFit movements. Instead, we have a 1-on-1 Foundation and graduate students to the group classes. In a 1-on-1 session we can devote time to learning the gymnastics and weightlifting movements and work at your individual level. Once in the group class we limit class sizes so the coach has the time and attention to devote to each athlete, regardless of their skill level and experience, so each athlete can continue to learn and progress after the Foundation. That’s great for anyone who wants to join CFM and make sure they are fully prepared and ready for the group classes when they graduate Foundations. Interested in getting started at CFM? Call us at 678.223.3308 or email us to schedule your 1-on-1 introductory session so we can help find the right class for you.


Where are you located?

CrossFit Midtown is in the heart of Midtown, on Spring Street just north of 14th (Next to Zifty and Whole World Improv Theatre). CrossFit Midtown 1210 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30309

Where Do I Park?

We offer free parking in the lot behind the gym (enter from Spring or Williams Streets).

Can I work out anytime?

Not exactly. Check our class schedule to choose a class that’s right for you.


Do I have to be in really good shape before I start CrossFit?

NO! Anyone with the right attitude can do CrossFit. We scale down the workouts for those who are new to CrossFit, and gradually increase your load and intensity as your strength, ability and fitness levels improve. Whether you’re getting back into shape, have never been in shape before, or are recovering from injury, surgery, after giving birth, etc, we can adjust the training sessions to your needs. We also offer personal training if you need some additional individual attention before joining group classes. Still have some doubts? Come in for your introductory session and we’ll answer all your questions. Call 678.223.3308 to set it up.

How Do I Sign Up?

Everyone interested in membership at CrossFit Midtown takes a intro session or trial session before joining. New CrossFitters take a one hour session to give you a taste of our training, a glimpse into our program, and let you try a CrossFit workout. Experienced CrossFitters (>2 years and those who have completed the Open) can register for one of our regular classes as trial session to check out the facilities and coaching before you decide whether to join CFM. Call 678.223.3308 or email us to schedule your intro session or trial session today.

How Much Is A CFM Membership?

A CFM membership costs between $159 and $185 per month, based on the length of contract you sign and how frequently you wish to train with us. We have three times a week memberships, as well as an unlimited option. We offer 3-, 6-, and 12-month contracts. We’ll discuss all your options when you come in for an intro.

Do You Offer Discounts?

We give a discount to military, police, firefighters, first responders and teachers. Thank you for your service. We also offer undergraduate student and family discounts.

I've done CrossFit at another gym/on my own. Do I still have to do an intro class?

Maybe! If you have more than 2 years CrossFit experience and have completed the Open, we’ll send you details to register for your trial session. For your trial, you can attend any regular class that’s convenient for you. Afterward, we’ll discuss your membership options and get you started. Call 678-223-3308 or email us to set up that trial session now.

I'm already in wicked awesome shape, but I've never done CrossFit. Do I still have to take the intro?

Yep, the introductory session is required for anyone new to CrossFit who wishes to join CrossFit Midtown. We operate differently from other gyms, so this orientation session is your chance to see how we work, get a taste of our training and a glimpse into the CFM community. AND you’ll get to do a full-on CrossFit WOD as well. So if you’re in super duper shape, you’ll get to WOW us with your performance. Call 678.223.3308 or email us to set up that intro now.

Can you help with nutrition too?

YES! We have coaches experienced in helping clients with paleo & primal nutrition, food choices and retraining your past eating habits. You can’t out-train a bad diet! When you’re ready to improve the way you eat, we’re here to help.


What is your drop-in policy?

CrossFit Midtown welcomes visiting CrossFitters. Just email us to let us know when you’re coming (date & class time), how long you’ve been doing CrossFit, and where you currently do CrossFit. The drop-in fee is $25 paid in advance online. At the door drop-in is $30.

Refunds for drop ins?

We do not do refunds for drop ins less than 24 hours notice due to the volume of drop ins. No shows/late cancellations past 1 hour before the start of class and there is no refund or exchange. If you know that you will not be able to attend a drop in, let us know in advance and we can apply the payment to a future drop in or reschedule your class.

I'm visiting Atlanta and want to try CrossFit. Can I drop in to try out a class?

No. CrossFit Midtown classes are open to CFM members and visiting CrossFitters only.