Patrick has been doing CrossFit since 2015, and he received his CF-L1 certification in February 2018. After some experience coaching, he earned his CF-L2 in October 2019. Growing up, Pat basically played every sport available; however, he narrowed that down to basketball in high school.

High-quality coaching in his own words:

Being an effective CrossFit coach requires an individual to possess a diverse set of skills that he or she can readily deploy under a number of different circumstances as well as tailor these skills to fit the wide-ranging needs of individuals within a class. While the list of aspects that make an exceptional coach are long, I believe that the following are of the utmost importance for CFM: a deep passion for serving others and for helping people progress towards their goals, a wide ranging knowledge of functional fitness and of the methods we use in CrossFit to achieve higher levels of fitness, and finally, a positive presence and attitude that contributes to making an hour long class the best part of an athlete’s day.

“A single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so as a single thought will not make a pathway to the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over again, the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

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After graduating college in 2010 and getting started in the "real world," I let my fitness slip a bit. As someone who had been an athlete their entire life, I needed a version of fitness that was challenging and that resembled sport. I was attracted to all of the different movements to learn and the seemingly endless physical challenges that I could go after in the CrossFit space. I was also inspired by the CrossFit athletes I saw competing in the earlier years of the CrossFit Games. 

CrossFit has made a huge positive impact in my life, and I love being able to help share that and facilitate that for others. In all of my endeavors, my goal is to always help others to become their highest selves and to reach their greatest potential and goals. What better way to do that than through coaching CrossFit?

Completing my first Open/first Friday Night Lights at the gym and being able to see the progress year over year. All of the amazing friends I have made over the years through CrossFit.

Checking out new restaurants in town, Steelers Football, reading.

I am a Realtor, and I help people to buy and sell property here in Atlanta.

It's ok to feel nervous or uneasy about jumping into CrossFit class, but commit to showing up a certain amount of days per week ahead of time (3 or more) and come no matter what. One day at a time, you will get better, no matter what. Take care of doing the work, and the work will take care of you. Also, jump into the community as soon as possible and attend social events. Half of the magic is in being a part of the community and creating relationships with others as excited and dedicated to improving their fitness as you are.

I enjoy coaching rowing technique because I enjoy rowing myself, but also because I think it becomes an after thought for many (like running), and there is so much to be gained from making minor adjustments. I also like teaching movements with dumbbells / kettlebells

I love pull-ups, muscle-ups, and rowing.

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