Getting Started at CrossFit Midtown is easy!
Follow the directions below and start getting fit today.

Get Started

We welcome new and experienced CrossFitters to visit us and see if this is the place for you.
NEW TO CROSSFIT? Call us at 678.223.3308, email us, or fill out our contact form to schedule your one-hour private introduction to CrossFit Midtown. You’ll get a taste of CrossFit Midtown, our training and our community, all in one hour!
EXPERIENCED? If you’ve got CrossFit experience and are considering joining CFM, we’d love to have you try out one of our regular classes. Just call, email, or fill out the contact form. Tell us about your CrossFit experience and when you’d like to drop in. We’ll send you the link to reserve your class and we’ll be ready for you!

The Intro Session

New CrossFitters start with a one-hour intro session.

We’ll collect some background info from you, then discuss CrossFit and explain how we do things at CrossFit Midtown. Once all your questions are answered, we’ll get warmed up, teach you a few exercises, and then take you through a baseline workout…this is a full-on CrossFit workout, so please bring a towel, some water and be prepared to sweat!


11 hours ago

CrossFit Midtown
Grab your partner dosey-do, we got cleans, pull ups, and a row! #crossfitmidtown #cfmstrong ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

CrossFit Midtown
We’re doing some final preparations for @31heroes this weekend! Make surety come to class and get work on those rope climbs. Want to donate up the cause? Click the link in the bio! You can just donate or join the CFM team and help raise funds!#crossfitmidtown #cfmstrong #wodtoremember #31heroes ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

CrossFit Midtown
There are people who spend their entire lives allowing the reflection in the mirror determine their self-esteem, submitting to a cultural judgment established decades ago.  But in CrossFit gyms all over the world, mirrors are conspicuous by their absence.  Fitness is gauged in reps, speed, power, virtuosity – and beauty is measured in joy, in pride.  To recognize and accept the body’s gifts and shortcomings, and impose discipline over them is for many where beauty begins.  And then beauty is no longer fleeting, but becoming. -Letting Beauty Speak by Jon Gilbert and Marty Cej ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

CrossFit Midtown
Will you keep showing up after falling short of your goal?⁣⁣.Most won’t.⁣⁣.They work hard. They compete. They fail. And they quit.⁣⁣.Champions fail just like everyone else - they just refuse to let that failure stop them.⁣⁣.✅ They learn how to improve.⁣✅ They apply that knowledge in their next attempt.⁣✅ They get better.⁣✅ And eventually they succeed.⁣.#cfmstrong #riseup #heavyday #weightlifting #lfthvysht #betterthanyesterday ... See MoreSee Less
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