Under $20
Yeah Burger
Farm Burger
Zoe’s Kitchen
Whole Foods Hot Bar (also at some locations: BBQ or Taco bar)
R. Thomas Grill
Bantam & Biddy
Urban Pl8 (coming back soon to Krog St Market)
Food Trucks: Happy Belly

Over $20
Local Three

Easy-to-Eat Paleo no matter where you are
1. BBQ restaurants (easy on the sauce)
2. Burger restaurants (no bun!)
3. Chinese/Thai food (no rice)
4. Mexican restaurants (no chips, beans or rice! Order naked tacos, fajitas sans tortillas or burrito in a bowl)

Rules to live by while eating out
1. Double the meat when you order a salad.
2. NEVER be embarrassed to say, “without the bun.”
3. You don’t need to tell anyone anything about your lifestyle choices – don’t feel obligated. Order and be done.