Cameron has been a member at CrossFit Midtown since 2018, became a coach in August 2020, and earned his CF-L2 in January 2022. Having a background of 8 years of competitive swimming, he understands that while we workout individually, encouraging others is very important. He loves to see people push themselves and progress to a new level of movement they previously may not have been at. He helps people to set and hit realistic goals in a safe and effective way. 

High-quality coaching in his own words:

I believe that the 3 most important aspects needed to make an exceptional coach at CrossFit Midtown are the ability to be understanding, encouraging, and providing a solid community environment. The skill level of athletes at CFM ranges across the whole spectrum. It is important to figure out where a person is coming from so you can understand their mindset and how THEY want to approach a workout. I would like to see myself as a role model to anyone who is just starting out in CrossFit by helping them with their fitness journey.

"If you drop the dumbbells, I drop you."

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Favorite CrossFit benchmark



I was getting bored with traditional workouts and I loved the idea of learning olympic barbell movements.

I really enjoy pushing people and helping them reach a level they didn't think was possible.

  • Friday Night Light Open events. Great energy and support from each other. 
  • Murph workouts in the park.
  • Getting my first Bar Muscle Up

Netflix, board games, and video games

I work in Analytics & Data Architecture for a Marketing agency.

Keep track of all your workouts and PRs. It feels so good to be able to look back and see how much progress you have made.

Rowing workouts. I love encouraging people to hit different pace goals in a workout and make them dig deep for longer sets.

Bar Muscle Up. When I started Crossfit I could barely do a single pull-up. It is one of those movements where it is easy to set a goal, hit it, then set another goal and look back at where you started.

Cameron coach
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