Hailey joined CFM in late 2017, then became a coach in 2020. She earned her CF-L2 in October 2021. Hailey has been a lifetime athlete, playing volleyball for eight years, and soccer from the age of four through college. 

High-quality coaching in her own words:

By nature, I’m not much of a follower. In order to give up that control, I need to be able to trust who I’m following. I need to know that the person leading me has sufficient knowledge and my best interest. From the beginning, it’s been abundantly clear the coaches at CFM possess both. It’s the reason it’s been so easy to buy into the process. Mike has exceptional knowledge of CrossFit, and my questions never go unanswered. I completely trust that he has everyone’s best interest because it’s repeatedly displayed even when he isn’t coaching. He’s always watching, and he’s always prepared to make a recommendation for athletes who might be in over their heads. Secondly, l want to be inspired by who I’m following. I love seeing and being led by strong women like Bri and Jeannette- who are unapologetic and unafraid to lead. When I first joined CFM, Bri stuck out because she was who I wanted to be. I wanted her boldness, her assertiveness, and also her ability to lift heavy weights. Watching Mohammed go from group class to L2 has forged a path for the rest of us to follow. Taking instruction is easy when the coach inspires you. Finally, I want to know that my coaches care. The attention to detail for every member, from each coach, is recognized and not something I take for granted

Every time I walk in the door at CrossFit Midtown, I feel accepted, cared for, and pushed far beyond all of my self-imposed limits. I simply can’t imagine my life without this gym.

"But what there will always be is an opportunity to grow. To rise up. To rise to the occasion. To write the story of, 'This is what tried to keep me from stepping into my greatest self, and this is how I told it to sit down.'"

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My background in team sports made working out alone a dreadful chore. I was also incredibly lost trying to navigate a normal gym and workout routine. I was accustomed to showing up, being told what workout to do, and grinding it out with my teammates. Luckily, that's exactly what I found at CFM.

I couldn’t shut up about my love for CFM and CrossFit, so I decided to channel that energy into a more productive outlet.

Becoming besties with Adam Reinke, the protest WODs at the park, and all of the holiday parties.

Reading, playing soccer, game nights with friends, eating, and live sporting events.

I am a full-time accountant.

We were all a little scared on day one. If you can't shake that feeling, just do it scared. 

Any benchmark workout is fun to coach, because there’s a lot of joy in seeing people react to improved scores.

Handstand walking

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