As a CrossFit athlete, Mohammed was ‘made in CFM’. He went through foundations and regular classes. He practices yoga 1-2 times a week, and he has been a member of barbell club since November 2017.  He became a coach in 2019 and has been invaluable to CFM’s success and quality coaching since. He always welcomes members with a friendly face and genuine “How are you?” 

High-quality coaching in his own words::

To me (and I am sure to many other members), CFM is a very special place because of 1) the exceptional coaching/programming and 2) the amazing community. I do not think those are unrelated. I believe exceptional coaching will undoubtedly yield a better community. CFM coaches know their athletes pretty well and they truly care for their well-being and fitness. I believe this coach-athlete relationship is the foundation of our CFM community. Not only do CFM coaches have excellent interpersonal skills, but they are also extremely knowledgeable about CrossFit as a fitness regimen and sport. CFM coaches are constantly seeking to learn more about CrossFit and be better at their jobs. 

No matter how my day went, coming to the gym every afternoon is the biggest stress reliever and comfort zone. Great programming and exceptional coaching, but most importantly, amazing people. I made so many friends at CFM over them years, and I continue to make friends as more and more members join. CFM is not just a training ground. It is a true embodiment of the CrossFit values, where fitness is a way of life, and not just about working out. From nutrition challenges to regularly scheduled events, CFM advocates for fitness and health inside and outside the gym. I have been to other CrossFit gyms while on travel, but I never experienced the atmosphere of CFM. It is a truly special place to me. 

"Hi, friends!"

Started CrossFit in


CrossFit Coach since


Favorite CrossFit benchmark



Why did I start CrossFit?

 All I wanted then was to become more active and to get back in shape after a grueling 6-year PhD journey. Today, I am a much fitter, healthier and happier version of myself, and that is mostly due to CrossFit in general and CFM in particular. 

Why did I become a CrossFit coach?

I become a CrossFit Coach because of my passion for training and my willingness to help others with their fitness journey.

Favorite CrossFit Midtown memory?

2019 Open and 2018 Graveyard Games

What do I do in my spare time?

Soccer or watching Netflix

What do I do for my "day job?"

Aerospace Engineer

Advice to new CrossFitters?

Patience. Take your time to learn and be coached. Fitness is a journey so enjoy it! 

Favorite movement to coach?

Barbell movements – I spent the most time learning these movements in barbell club and so those are the ones I am most comfortable coaching 

Favorite CrossFit movement?

Cleans, squats, and deadlifts.

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