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CrossFit Midtown is Atlanta's School of Elite Fitness. If you’ve spent the past several years at the typical gym you’re in for a genuine treat. Say goodbye to the machines. Say goodbye to the monotonous routines.

Each day at CrossFit Midtown is a new adventure. A new challenge. A new chance to get to know your community, and to get to know yourself.


02.26.13 The CrossFit Open

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CFM has 16 athletes in the Open already!

So why is this a big deal? Because a year ago, no one had ever heard of CrossFit Midtown. We weren't open yet. We were still looking for a gym space in Midtown, HOPING this neighborhood would become our home. And look at us now! We have an amazing community of athletes who are working hard and improving in the gym EVERY DAY.
And now, our first Games season is upon us. Will we send athletes to the CrossFit Games in July? As competitors? Probably not. As spectators? Absolutely.
So why, if we don't have any big contenders to make it all the way to the Games, should you front the $20 to participate in the Open? Because you'll get to join the fun every Saturday at noon throughout the Open, to compete alongside your gym-mates. And just think, in a few years when we ARE sending athletes to Regionals... and the Games... you can say you competed in that first Open here at CFM.
Can I tell you a secret? Last month, I said I wasn't doing the Open. I haven't trained consistently since CFM opened, and I can be really hard on myself during workouts. So I'd only be setting myself up for frustration and disappointment.
And then it dawned on me. WHO CARES how well I do on the Open WODs? I'm not going to win the Open (unless it's all made up of silly warm-up moves, sarcasm and heavy squats). But I AM going to enjoy the atmosphere of TEAM CFM's first Open. I AM going to have a blast competing alongside Shay & Adam & Amanda & Matt/REX & Tiernan & Jason L & D Cap & Lee M & Uran & Dyer & Vabs & Arielle & Ellen & Chris H & Beefy Levy ... and who else??? Let's get 30+ athletes on the team!
And oh, if you're still undecided, perhaps a lil T-SHIRT DISCOUNT can convince you? They're putting finishing touches on the design now, but I will tell you there is a pterodactyl. And a barbell. And a quote from the very wise Lynn R: GIVE THE CROWD WHAT THEY WANT! Preview coming soon.
The Open starts in nine days. Get in on the action.
And if you can't make the Saturday noon Open WODs, we'll offer an alternate time (IF scheduled w Lis ahead of time!).

Saturday AM fun w Vabs, Chuck, Dozier, Amanda & Calin.

Rowing class with Uran tonight at 7!

Class is limited to five students, so RSVP online to ensure you get a spot!
Tonight's workout: 6 x 4:00 segments of rowing for meters. Recovery row (light pressure) 2:00 between each segment.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Deadlifts: 6 sets of 10, every 90 seconds
B. Hang Power Snatch clusters: 5 sets of 3.2.1, every 3 minutes. For each cluster, the period denotes 10 seconds rest. So for each set, complete 3 reps, rest 10 seconds, 2 reps, rest 10 seconds, and 1 rep.
C. 30 Barbell Roll-outs (modify with 3 minutes front-leaning rest on rings or floor)

And coming tomorrow...

A. Barbell Lunge Squat: 4 sets of 12-15 reps @3010 tempo, every 3min
B. For time:
Power Clean 115#/75#
Bar-facing burpees

MON 02.25.13 Big events coming!

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Two weeks away from three big events!

The weekend of March 7-10th will be a busy one at CFM. Please participate however you can - Bring-A-Friend Days, the FIRST Open WOD, and the Olympic Lifting Seminar are all coming up!
March 7 8 & 9 Bring-A-Friend Days: Share CFM with your friends on March 7, 8 & 9. All our classes are open to guests (RSVP required by emailing FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com. CFM students: don't fret! We still have 14 spots in each class reserved for you! Get all the details here.
March 9 the CF OPEN begins! Kick off CFM's first Games season with the first CrossFit Open workout, Saturday, March 9 at 12noon. Register now! If you're unable to commit to every Saturday, we'll also be scheduling makeup WODs (so don't let that scare you off!).
March 10 Olympic Lifting Seminar: Travis Cooper teaches a six-hour seminar (9a-4p with an hour break for lunch) to teach us the finer points of the snatch and clean & jerk. Register now! This seminar is limited to 24 athletes. Athletes and coaches of all levels will benefit from this course. Visit the FB event page for the seminar timeline and more info about Travis.

CFM representing in NOLA! Lee, Lis, Bridget & Krystol showing off their guns at Jasmine & Jeff's wedding. Congrats to the Johnsons!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Back squats:3-3-3-3-3, every 3min
B. 7 rounds for time:
7 handstand push ups
10 pull ups

And coming tomorrow...

A. Deadlifts: 6 sets of 10, every 90 seconds
B. Hang Power Snatch clusters: 5 sets of 3.2.1, every 3 minutes. For each cluster, the period denotes 10 seconds rest. So for each set, complete 3 reps, rest 10 seconds, 2 reps, rest 10 seconds, and 1 rep.
C. 30 Barbell Roll-outs (modify with 3 minutes front-leaning rest on rings or floor)

02.22.13 Animal Warm-Up Benchmark Friday! 🙂

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How's your February going?

Yes, it's almost the end of the month. But this is not the time to write February off and begin planning for your awesome March/Spring.
YES, we're all looking forward to Spring. I'm writing this from New Orleans where the high is 70 today. HOORAY SPRING! So YES, begin planning for March. But ALSO take the last seven days of February to CRUSH THIS MONTH!
Goals not going the way you'd planned? What can you do in seven days to change that? Plenty.
Did you hope to train more or eat better or save more this month? Well you've still got a week. Get to the gym. Cook some healthy meals. Save a few bucks.
Or are you already CRUSHING your goals this month? Sweet. Don't derail now. Be extraordinary.
Make this your best month ever. And then make March even better. 🙂

Are you succeeding at the THINK POSITIVE February challenge? Post in the comments with any tools that have helped you be positive this month.

Workout of the Day (WOD) - BENCHMARK FRIDAY

A. Push Press: 5-5-5, every 2min
B. "Jackie"
1000m row
50 thrusters 45/35#
30 pull ups

And coming tomorrow...TEAM WOD

Complete three rounds with your team:
P1. 100 singles or 40 double unders
P2. 40 wall balls
P3. 40 kb swings
P4. 40 walking lunges

Each partner must finish their task before anyone rotates. All partners rotate through all stations three times. If you finish first, ENJOY the rest until your partners finish.


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