July 2019 Member of the Month, Adam Harding!

CrossFit Midtown is very excited to announce our July Member of the Month, Adam Harding! He has been a member for almost 5 years and has risen up from just being the class clown to a highly respected athlete. From participating in Rise Up, The Open, Kessel Run & Anniversary Party, the CFM Nutrition Challenge, filming at the gym, all the photos and videos, and happy birthday songs for others, we are proud to have Adam as our member of the month for July. He really has become a positive person to be around and the most supportive of others! Read on to learn more about Adam and his CrossFit journey. Thank you for being such an outstanding member of the CFM community!
Adam Harding doing box jumps during 31Heroes!

Name: Adam Harding
Nickname: Adam
Age: 25. Damnit 33.
Hometown: Boston

How did you get exposed to CrossFit?
A box opened up a few doors down from where I was living in Boston’s North End neighborhood. I joined because I was tired of walking 10 minutes to my previous gym. I figured it would be less work. What a mistake.
But what *really* sold me was the fact that there weren’t locker rooms in CrossFit. Those have always
bothered me. Group showers? Seriously? And we all know that old, overly proud guy who’s standing like Captain Morgan on those wooden benches just…waiting. I can’t.

What brought you to CrossFit Midtown:
The first thing I did when I moved to Atlanta was search for a CrossFit box. Fortunately, CFM was right down the street from my apartment. I walked in and saw Mike and some other guy, both shirtless, going hard at a WOD. [yeah I did]. You get the idea. I said to myself, self, someday you’ll be shirtless, too, and inspire strangers to join. That still has yet to happen.

“Beruit” (beer pong) at the 7th Anniversary Party

What was your very first day at CrossFit Midtown like?
Oh man, jogging the memory wheel here…I remember it was with a female coach who didn’t last much longer. I can only assume her decision to leave shortly after I joined was not a coincidence. I’m sorry, lady whose name I forget. Rachel? Was it Rachel? I don’t know, I just watched Batman Begins, so who can say, really.

He’s coming for you Josh Bridges.

What kind of changes have you experienced since starting CrossFit that were completely unexpected?
I would say the amount of true friendships I’ve made isn’t something I expected. I’ve never been shy in social settings (shocking, right?), but I didn’t think I’d grow so close to some of these people. It has become as much of a social outlet for me as it is a place to get a workout in, which I’m sure the coaches are just thrilled about.

Tell us some of your recent accomplishments. What goals do you have for 2019!?
Work-related accomplishments? I won 4 EMMYs a few weeks ago.
Workout-related accomplishments? I started the 6 week healthy eating challenge — and really tried hard. Results aside, I finally put in effort to take better control of my diet, which is something I’ve been wrestling with for years. And I’m married to an Italian woman who loves bread and pasta … AND I LIVE ABOVE A BAGEL SHOP (obvi)… DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO AVOID CARBS???

Congrats on your amazing results from our HSN nutrition challenge.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like?
Without checking, I assume eggplants, water drops and fists. Let’s check. I’m not one of those tough guys that’s too cool for emojis. No shame in my emoji game.

What is your favorite workout and if you could make up your own workout what would it be?
I like the Question of the Day. If any class skips this (and you know who you are), it’s a dud. So maybe an hour of QOTD?
As for actual workouts, I like deadlifts, cleans, tire flips. I hate running and being upside down.

What is your favorite cheat food/meal?
Never met a hot wing I don’t like. Or candy. Oooo fries. Wait, I have a spoon with a carving that reads “Adam’s Nutella spoon.” Literally all the foods. All of it.

Favorite CrossFit Midtown moment
So many. Hot Ben joining. Learning about David and Ryan. That time you guys were closed and I didn’t feel bad about not working out. BRI HAVING A BABY. Gosh, I love Emmie. Literally every time Emmie is there, that’s my favorite CFM moment.

His favorite little person, Emmie Bemmie!

Hobbies, Talents and or Interests Outside of CrossFit:
My hobbies include daydreaming about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, collecting vintage toys, and stocking up my DVR with episodes of the Property Brothers for Saturday afternoon marathons.
Talents: I’m a second degree black belt in karate. I used to teach it and compete nationally. I can also row 100 meters perfectly, as I nearly set the world record earlier this year during that one WOD.
Interests: My wife is interesting. My dog. Oh and I just discovered this guy who plays Mario Bros. on YouTube for a living, and no joke, I sit and watch him for hours on end. I find it oddly relaxing. I’m thinking about venturing into ASMR next.

Advice for new CrossFitters
Avoid the noon class. That’s mine. And if you want a good workout in, it’s best to avoid.

First Place never felt so good, and it’s never too early for Christmas celebrations.

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