06.04.12 GET IN THE GAME!

Join the Frantastic Voyage!

It’s time for CFM’s first PR Challenge! For our summer challenge, we’re doing “Fran” and I’m confident that all of you can complete some version of it. These Challenges are your chance to get into the game. Short term goals like participating in the challenges are excellent ways to measure your progress and have some fun with the community. The sign-up sheet is in the box, or you can sign up here. Who’s gonna step up to the plate?

Prelims will take place Sat, 6/16 in the 9, 10, 11 am classes. Finals will be held Sat, 7/28 followed by the FINALS PARTY where we rehash every rep and round of our girl Fran.

Who: Anyone! All skill levels are welcome.
When: Saturday, June 16th, 2012 during 9, 10, 11 am classes (Finals are Sat, July 28th)
Where: CrossFit Midtown, 1122 West Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30309
Entry Fee: $30 (includes a t-shirt; $10 goes toward prize $$$)

Prize Purse: $10 x the number of participants PLUS prizes from other sponsors

Winners: Most Improved and Fastest in the Men’s and Women’s categories

For time:
Thrusters and Pull ups

Men’s Categories:
Beginner- 45# thrusters, jumping or band-assisted pull ups
Intermediate- 65# thrusters, unassisted band-assisted pull ups
Advanced- 95# thrusters, unassisted pull ups

Women’s Categories:
Beginner- 35# thrusters, jumping or band-assisted pull ups
Intermediate- 45# thrusters, jumping pull-ups or bands
Advanced- 65# thrusters, unassisted pull-ups

How to Participate:
1. GET REGISTERED – Sign up here or in the box and pay the $30 entry (remember, $10 goes back in the “kitty” for prize money).
2. SET YOUR BASELINE – Sign up for a heat the week of June 9th, then show up Saturday, June 16th to set your baseline “Fran” time. This will be the time from which we calculate your improvement.
3. TRAIN AT CROSSFIT MIDTOWN – Once per week the WOD will be a different version of “Fran”.
4. SHOW UP for the FINALS – Repeat “Fran” on Sat, July 28- hit your Personal Record (PR)!

** PRIZES will be awarded for:
Most Improved Male, Most Improved Female, Fastest Male, Fastest Female

*If you scale Fran for prelims, you will retest under same conditions.

$30 includes entry fee, t-shirt, prizes and Finals party

Deadline to register is Wed, June 13th.

Peacemakers/Hooverballers (L-R: Tirzah, Dan, Vabs, Lis, Jon, Carlos)

Workout of the Day

A. Work to 1RM Strict Press
B. Work to 3RM Front Squat
C. Tabata Hollow Rocks


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