MON 09.17.12 GAME ON!

Whole Life Challenge Prelims

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This weekend was awesome. SO MANY FUN EVENTS! More than 30 of us showed up on Saturday for WLC prelims at Piedmont Park. Aside from that 9 minutes of hell, what a fun time! I am so excited to embark on this eight-week challenge with all of you.

Congrats to our first WLC prize winners: Robbie, Adam, Woody, Tirzah and Laura S! More prizes are coming this week…

Please post your favorite memories of the weekend in the comments.

Workout of the Day

A. Back Squat: 8-6-4
(rest 2 min)
B. 21-15-9
Wall Balls 20/14

30 thoughts on “MON 09.17.12 GAME ON!”

  1. WLCers – as many of you already discovered, something is up w the WLC site this AM. I'll keep you posted once I hear back from them, but promise that no one will be penalized if you didn't get your points logged today. Stay tuned for an update once I know more…

  2. Great showing this weekend! I'm so excited to see how much we all improve over the next 8 weeks. My favorite moment was witnessing Lis Saunders and Drew Vabulas trying to distract eachother with some friendly trash talk during their workouts.

    1. my duty, chief. im sorry. i couldnt stop taking photos of you. is it creepy i took 3,000 pics & 2,998 were of you? or was it my pauper's outfit that distracted you? or my asking for a pump mid kettlebell thrust? "& when i put them on, i thought to myself, people are going to think these shorts are so cool" Jeremy Russie Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    2. And the award for most inquisitive goes to… Lynn Suzanne!
      "Should I have a coconut water, or will that make me puke?"
      "Measurements? What? Where is my scorecard? Scorecard? Do I need a scorecard? Did they take my measurements?"
      "Do you have a spare pair of shorts?"
      "Do you have a pump?"
      "Is it weird that I'm taking pictures of you and only you?"

    1. Ellen Flader, you got this. I have some easy recipes that are good bulk food for the work week. feel free to msg me on Facebook and I'll give you some links. Paleo Meatballs, Paleo Crab Cakes, and Smokey Roast are on my menu, what are you making this week?

  3. WLC Update: they're working on it…
    "If you had a bad day yesterday, you're actually in luck… because of our technical glitch, EVERYONE will get full credit for points yesterday – 6 big ones!"

    Trying not to think about the mimosas I could have had… and instead focus on the healthy decisions that are good for me, regardless of the points I earn.

  4. Very good time on Saturday. Great watching everyone suffer through that workout. My least favorite part was Dan realigning my spine during warm-ups. Of course, the highlight, and possibly the greatest moment in CFM history, was Jeremy biting that chalk brick in half and getting a mouthful of white powder in the process.

    1. I unfortunately didn't get to witness the actual biting. But I heard the retelling later of how Woody desperately tried to get Lis' attention while she was counting my reps, and when she finally turned to him, he said "that dude just ate chalk!"

  5. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    The best part of the weekend for me was explaining to Lis Saunders exactly why I was never a police officer…. OAN: It was awesome getting together with everybody for some quality work in the park! Can't wait to see the challenges/struggles/successes/and funny stories to occur over the next 8 weeks 🙂

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