MON 10.02.17

Erik keeping the bar balanced for an overhead squat.

Today’s schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Stacy
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Stacy
8a: Open Gym- Stacy
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Stacy
4p: Open Gym- Anthony
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Anthony
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Anthony
7p: All Levels CrossFit- Anthony
8p: Strength Training/Open Gym- Michael

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. For Time [24 Minute Time Cap]

Open: 300m Run**

Rest 2 minutes

Then complete…
4 Rounds
7 Dumbbell Power Cleans
6 Dumbbell Front Squats
5 Dumbbell Push Press
300m Run**
Rest 2 minutes between each round

Dumbbell Weights
(m = 25/35/50, w = 15/20/35)

Levels For Run
L1: 300m
L2: 400m
L3: 500m

B. 3-Way Hamstring Stretch

Post time for 1st Run (300m, 400m, or 500m) and total time for WOD.
Ex: 1:35 400m, 18:34 L2.

And coming tomorrow…

A. Turkish Get ups: Complete 4 sets of 4 reps increasing weight.

B. “Lucky 13”
13 Minute AMRAP

13 Toes to Bar*
13 Kettlebell Swings (m = 16/24/32kg, w = 12/16/24kg) (L1 = Russian Swings)
13 Lateral Box Jump Overs (m = 24/24/30, w = 20/20/24)**

*Toes to Bar Levels
L3: T2B
L2: Wall Situps
L1: Wall Situps

**Step ups and downs permitted for Level 1 and 2.

This workout has been developed in collaboration with Neal Maddox to get your heart pumping and legs and lungs burning. Pick a skill level that doesn’t result in getting stuck for too long. If you have T2B but not yet 13 unbroken, Level 2 could be right. If hanging on the bar will be challenging for that many reps, you might consider going to Level 1 so you can keep moving and get more work done!

Speak with your coach if you have questions about which level is most appropriate for you. Enjoy the workout, and see you on the whiteboard!

Post load for TGU and rounds+reps completed in the AMRAP. Ex: 55#, 5+32 L3

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