WED 1.2.13 Time to crush 2013!

Who’s ready for some detox?

I know I am. I was just telling the 7am class that I did EXACTLY what I advise students not to do, leading into a nutrition challenge or detox… and that is: OVERINDULGE like crazy, be a total sloth, and make yourself sick heading into the detox. I seriously thought I had a pair of baby dinosaurs fighting in my belly yesterday. And I’m sore… not from all the training I did over the holidays… instead, I’m sore from NOT training. I did a little yoga and walked daily, but the combination of hardly any intense exercise and poor nutrition over the past two weeks has me feeling sluggish and icky. Sure, my first few days of eating clean will be tough – as my body flushes out all the crap I’ve put it through over the holidays. But I CAN’T WAIT for the energy spike, performance improvements and physique changes that will kick in by day five or six and get better and better as the month goes on. Have an awesome January! I wish you the best on your Whole30, or with whatever goals you pursue.

Eat-Clean January Resource-o-tha-day!

The Whole 9 & Philadelphia’s CrossFit Love are co-hosting this month’s Whole 30 challenge… visit the CrossFit Love blog throughout the month for regular motivation, blog posts, recipes and other tips. Check out the kickoff post here.

What’s a new year without a little word art? I betcha $10 you can’t read through this in the right order on your first try.

Workout of the Day

A. 5 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts 275#/185#
50 double unders
B. 100 sit ups for time

And coming tomorrow…

A1. Close Grip Bench Press: 5 sets of 3-4 @21X1, 60sec rest
A2. Strict Pullups: 5 sets of AMRAP (-1), 4min rest
B. For time:75 wall balls 20#/14#
50 toes to bar
25 power clean 135#/95#

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