06.06.12 Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

Whatcha doin’ this weekend?


Saturday classes – 9, 10, 11 am
We’re not strictly enforcing class levels just yet, so join us for any of the three classes to make up a WOD you missed this week.

Food as Fuel – Saturday at noon

Join Chef Richard from Pre-Made Paleo as he shares some samples and some cooking tips. Then Jasmine and Lis will get into some Q&A and tips on how to eat better, look better and feel better!

Free WOD at Lululemon Howell Mill – Sunday at 10
Lululemon, the Canadian activewear company (and maker of every pair of shorts Lis owns), is opening a location right down the street and they invited CFM to be a part of opening weekend! Join us Sunday for a free WOD at 10 am.

HOOVERBALL at Piedmont Park – Sunday at 11:30
Last week was OFF THE CHAIN. Join us at the Piedmont Park sand volleyball courts to play Hooverball again this week at 11:30am.

What is Hooverball, you ask? Here’s some more info, but all you REALLY need to know is it’s an awesome game with lots of laughs and SO MUCH FUN! Come play on Sunday and see for yourself.

6am class was HOPPIN’ yesterday with James, Lynn, Kenley, Anna, and (not pictured) Rocky.

Workout of the Day

A. 10 minutes gymnastics skill work
Your coach will give you some ideas…options include ring work (l-sits, dips, holds, muscle ups, iron cross, levers), handstand work (holds, wall climbs/walks, HSPU, HSPU negatives), pull up work (flex arm holds, negatives, strict), rope climbs, etc
B. Death by 10 Meters:
Start with one 10 m Run.
Increase by one 10m run, every minute on the minute until you run out of time to complete all reps.

So the first minute is 1-10 M sprint. The second minute is 2-10 M sprints, the third is 3-10 M sprints and so on until you can’t complete X number of sprints in 1 minute. Your score is the number of rounds you successfully complete in one minute.

9 thoughts on “06.06.12 Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend”

  1. Friday 7 pm Austin.

    Everyone else – I’ll be emailing all of you, but what time do you prefer to train on Saturdays? We may eliminate one or two of the class times due to low attendance those days.

    Would a 10am class (only) work for everyone?

  2. Left my snacks in the hotel room this morning. 🙁 Lis, you’d be proud of my protein intake yesterday (though I felt like I was going to pop at one point), but not off to a good start for morning snack time today.

    10am Saturdays are generally good for me. I’ll be in fun-filled Cleveland, Ohio this Sat though.

  3. 10 AM on Saturdays are good for me.

    Awesome workout last night. First evening class at CFM for me. Chuck, Jon De and Beth – you guys are animals. Looking forward to next time!

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