Thurs 05.31.12

Grand Opening Party is Saturday, June 16th!

Please RSVP here if you haven’t already. We’ll be celebrating all our awesome members AND DOING THE WOBBLE. Dancing won’t be required, but it will be highly encouraged. Please begin practicing now:

I can’t believe this was the first video I embedded on our blog.

BUT we can’t WOBBLE until we get 500 FANS. Please share our page on Facebook and help CrossFit Midtown hit the 500 fan milestone!

SAVE THE DATE: Goal-Setting Workshop, Wed July 11th at 7pm

Rachel from the new Lululemon Howell Mill store is hosting a goal-setting workshop at CFM on Wed, 7/11 at 7 pm. We’ll work on some short- and long-term vision building and goal setting. Mark your calendars now to set some BHAGS (awesome acronym, right? Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!).

Free Piedmont Park WODs

Did you know we do a free WOD in the park every Sunday at 10 am? Join us this Sunday at 10 for a WOD (open to the public and suitable for all skill levels). We’ll meet in the meadow near Park Tavern for a WOD, THEN we’ll head over to the sand volleyball courts to play HOOVER BALL. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what Hoover Ball is, we’ll teach you. Carlos is a pro and will be coaching the crew this Sunday!!
So meet in the meadow at 10 am OR at the sand volleyball courts at 11 am. See you Sunday!

Workout of the Day

Bear Complex
7 sets of the following sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
5 rounds – work up to max load

There is no time component – once you start a round you can rest at any time during the sequence EXCEPT with the bar on the ground.

Penalty for dropping the bar mid-round (without finishing your five reps/cycles) is 5 burpees (for each drop), payable at the end of the WOD.

Advanced athletes – count only unbroken rounds. No penalties, just drop weight or try again, until you get all five rounds unbroken.

10 thoughts on “Thurs 05.31.12”

  1. Awesome workout this morning. Crapped out at 135. Weak sauce. Expect some of you guys in the pm classes to crush that weight. Fatigue was definitely a factor by the last set.

    1. I started out at 75 lbs and went up in 10 lb increments to 115, then jumped up to 135 because I was running out of time. No penalties until 135. If I were to do this again looking for a 1 set max, I would probably do 1 set at 95 and then jump to 135. The sets at 75, 85, 95 and 105 were light, but all those reps had me gassed.

  2. Wish I was in town for this workout. Will be back next week to get back on track.

    How come it will not let me register on zenplanner? Is it because I am using AMEX?

    1. I don’t believe we’re setup for AMEX yet, there was some issue when setting it up. Lis will be able to better inform you when AMEX is acceptable.

  3. Austin – correctamundo re: AMEX. Hoping we’ll have that set up in the next month. For now we accept only Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

    DYER – AU CONTRERE! The point of the WOD is that you are very fatigued by your 7th AND heaviest set. I could warm up w a few reps at lighter weight and rock 135 for five reps of Bear Complex. But that load only counts for me if I do 135 AFTER doing seven other sets at lighter weight. I know you ran out of time, but technically you didn’t complete the WOD since you only did seven sets.

    It’s a test of strength endurance… so game it however you want, but your score here is your max load in set 7. You can’t do a warm-up round for Set 1, at 95#, then hit 135# for Set 2, then drop back to 95# to finish Sets 3-7.

    Make sense?

    1. C’mon, Lis! I didn’t do that set with the pvc pipe for my health!

      Consider this my official objection to the bear complex on the grounds that it’s biased in favor of people who are in good shape.

  4. I suck and won’t be there tonight.

    Work is still dragging me behind. I haven’t finished.

    Lis, can you email me a bodyweight WOD to do tonight?

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