02.27.13 Healthy Choice is not a healthy choice

Healthy Choice is not a healthy choice

I used to think it was. Throughout my 20s, my freezer was regularly stocked with “healthy” frozen meals like Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and Lean Pockets. Have you ever read the ingredients in these “food-ish” items? I say food-ish because this stuff only resembles food. There’s hardly any actual REAL, WHOLE food in those meals.
So I was shocked when a CFM student told me this week that he’d like to lose some belly fat, but has been eating well and is still stalling. After asking a few questions, I discovered that his version of “eating well” was stocking the freezer each week with those convenient frozen meals featuring clever marketing & labeling, designed to make you THINK you’re eating well.
I tell everyone who does an intro session at CFM that we offer basic paleo nutrition counseling (email us to take advantage!) by reviewing a food log for you once a month. I also emphasize that I don’t expect everyone to embrace both the CrossFit AND Paleo lifestyles all at once. CrossFit is intimidating enough. Eventually though, you’ll need to make some dietary adjustments to see the phenomenal results you want. Not to mention, you will also FEEL & PERFORM better (during WODs and during LIFE).
So start by eating REAL FOOD. Read labels. If you can’t pronounce, have never heard of, or are disgusted by something you read, DON’T EAT IT!
And if you’re not a great cook, or prefer the convenience of those foodish freezer meals mentioned above, why not invest in a few weeks of a paleo meal delivery service?

Edesia Meals is a new company run by trained chef AND CrossFit coach AND good friend of CFM, Veronica Case. Her meals range from $10-12 each, you can order a la carte (10% discount for orders over $55) AND they are delicious. She brought me a sample today of a Middle Eastern-style turkey burger with a spicy tomato jam that was the FREAKING BOMB. Get your orders in Sunday for Tuesday delivery to CFM.

Urban Pl8 is a restaurant on the Westside that offers 3- & 5-day meal plans for about $8-10 per meal. Orders are due by Sunday at 5 for delivery to CFM the next day (Monday).

AND, my friends (and ELITE CrossFit athletes) Amber & Emily have teamed up with Whole Foods (Ponce location only) for a Paleo meal service. It costs $120 for five days of food. You pick up at Whole Foods twice a week (first on Sun night/Mon morning, then again Wed night/Thurs morning). Order by Friday at noon for the following week.
If you try one out, please let us know what you think!


Get in on the action.

My buddy Meesh (center) visited our 8pm Thurs night class a few weeks ago. Bring your friends to enjoy a CrossFit WOD with you next week: Thurs, Fri & Sat, March 8-10th for Bring-A-Friend Days. Have your guests email FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com to reserve their spot in class!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Barbell Lunge Squat: 4 sets of 12-15 reps @3010 tempo, every 3min
B. For time:
Power Clean 115#/75#
Bar-facing burpees

And coming tomorrow…

A. Mobility work!
B. GOAT WORK: A “goat” is something you’re bad at. Choose a skill to work on for 10 minutes. Poor goats.
15 minute amrap:
9 dumbbell or kettlebell push press
12 pull ups
300m row OR 250m run OR 40 double unders

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