THURS 02.28.13

Facing Fears

by Uran
In addition to my effort to find balance in my life this year, I’m also trying to face more of my fears.
Last week, I went indoor rock climbing. Now, I’m not afraid of heights per se, but the idea of hanging on that artificial rock face has always made me really nervous. In spite of that, I still really wanted to try it, so I put on my big girl harness and showed up.
I’m really glad I did. It was downright terrifying, and I didn’t make it all the way to the top of the wall on any of my attempts, but I did get up there. For me, that’s all that mattered. It was a huge step, and it gave me the confidence to try it again sometime.
I’ve also signed up for the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar to get over my intimidation of going heavy on snatch, and I’m planning to take swim lessons (again) this summer to get over my crippling fear of water.
Is there anything you want to do, but are too scared or intimidated to try?
Maybe it’s the Crossfit Open? I’ve heard a lot of concerns about not being able to do all the workouts Rx’ed (Rx is CrossFit-speak for as prescribed, or as written/without modifications).
That’s ok! I’m certainly not going to be doing everything as prescribed, but I know I can still get a score (aka do as many reps as possible Rx) and then do the rest of my workout scaled. Plus, you get the opportunity to compete alongside your friends and coaches in a supportive and encouraging environment. All for the low low price of $20!
If you’ve been considering doing something that scares you, don’t let your fear of trying hold you back.

Note from Lis: Uran’s post reminded me of this awesome and very short (and FREE!) ebook I read once called THE FLINCH:
“The idea is simple: your flinch mechanism can save your life. It short-circuits the conscious mind and allows you to pull back and avoid danger faster than you can even imagine it’s there. But what if danger is exactly what you need? What if facing the flinch is the one best way to get what you want?”
Check it out.


Get in on the action.

Roll Out.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Mobility work!
B. GOAT WORK: A “goat” is something you’re bad at (baaaaa-d at?). Choose a skill to work on for 10 minutes. Poor goats get a bad rap.
C. As many rounds & reps as possible in 15 minutes:
9 dumbbell/kettlebell push press
12 supine ring rows OR pull ups (do pull ups only if you plan on taking Friday off ;))
300m row OR 250m run OR 40 double unders OR AirDyne 15 cals (your choice)

And coming tomorrow…BENCHMARK FRIDAY

“Angie”For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Rx: do all reps of one movement before moving on. Beginners: COACHES WILL HELP YOU SCALE REPS & MOVEMENTS!

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