THURS 12.05.12 Give the crowd what they want


Give the crowd what they want

What’s your gym persona? Are you a positive, energetic, focused athlete who people enjoy training with? Or are you a complainer? Do you work hard or do you give up easily?
At Tuesday night’s gymnastics class, a few students became frustrated while struggling with headstands and pistols. Regarding a tripod-into-headstand movement, I overheard someone say: “I can’t do this. I never did one before and I’m not going to get one tonight.” No. Not with that attitude, you’re not.
Why do we even do CrossFit? For the challenge, right? I’d rather gouge my eyes out than spend another mindless hour on an elliptical machine to get fit. So instead, I do CrossFit because it challenges me every day. If we let that negative inner voice win, or give up every time we struggle with a skill/lift/movement, where does that get us?
Instead, challenge yourself to remain positive during training sessions. Rather than beating yourself up for not running faster, lifting more or mastering a certain skill, congratulate yourself for being in the gym at all. This time of year, many people are putting their health and fitness on hold until the new year rolls around. Give yourself a pat on the back for training through the holidays.
Help us make CrossFit Midtown a positive place and let’s squash negative talk in the box. Give the crowd what they want by making CFM a fun, positive place to train!

Oh, and the 50-burpee penalty for saying CAN’T is back in effect. BE POSITIVE!

Welcome to new member Gracie, a GT freshman whose whole family does CrossFit. Her mom Jeanne (background) joined her for Monday’s class while visiting from Connecticut.

Workout of the Day

A1. Press: 3 sets of 6-8 @2211 tempo, rest 60sec
A2. Weighted Pullup: 3 sets of 2-3 @2112 tempo, rest 2min
B. For time: 9 thrusters 95/65#
5 manmakers* 44/26#
7 thrusters
4 manmakers
5 thrusters
3 manmakers
3 thrusters
2 manmakers
1 thruster
1 manmaker
*Man Maker – with a kettlebell in each hand, drop into push up, push into top of push up position, perform a 1-arm row per hand where the elbow travels much higher than the back; pull legs in, perform a squat clean thruster with kettlebells… that is one rep. Here’s James demonstrating:

And coming tomorrow…

A. Back Squat: 4 sets of 5 to 7 reps @3010 tempo, rest 3min
B. “Karen”For time:
150 wall balls 20/14

9 thoughts on “THURS 12.05.12 Give the crowd what they want”

  1. Is going to be a SUPER SATURDAY!
    First I'm coaching our CFM crew in a competition in the morning.
    Then I'll be working to come up with something better than the "jello" that Brianne is bringing to the CrossFit Midtown holiday party Saturday night.

    1. Urรกn Piedra

      I'm bringing gluten-free, dairy-free brownies. Sadly, they aren't paleo, but they are still a better choice for those with gluten and dairy sensitivities. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Uran, don't forget to bring some of those brownies to the set up party which is going to be badass. Looking forward to hearing all the stories from the competition teams earlier in the day and having a couple of beers with the CFM crew.

  3. I don't know what I'll be brining either. Maybe some holiday alcohol or something? I am looking forward to hanging out with my CF friends, and spreading some holiday cheer.

  4. Negativity has a way of seeping into everyone's workout if its not "nipped in the bud". Life is a challenge in general so let's keep a positive outlook in and out the box! ๐Ÿ™‚

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