THURS 03.07.13 The Open begins!


The CrossFit Open.
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is Sunday. Space is still available.
Bring-a-Friend Days today, tomorrow & Saturday.

Paleo Veda Spring Cleanse is coming!

My sanity…my calmness coach…THE Ayurveda GURU – Anna Russ is hosting a PaleoVeda Cleanse for us in April! I’m so excited to work with her again, on this seven-day cleanse, Monday, April 8th-Sunday, April 14th.
The change of seasons is the perfect time for a detox. Those of us doing the CF Open will just be done competing. What a perfect time to flush physical & emotional toxins from our system, achieve some weight loss, brighten our skin, get better sleep, and rejuvenate for spring!
Check the blog tomorrow for MORE details.



My strategy for 13.1

CrossFit is all about the unknown and unknowable. But it’s still good to make a plan for competition. And a plan for each workout. Here’s how I’ll approach 13.1. NOTE that all athletes are different. It’s good to know your strengths. I’m just telling you how I’ll approach this so you have an idea of how to construct a similar plan for yourself.

Disclaimer: I tend to think I am Wonder Woman, when in fact, I haven’t trained consistently in almost a year. This is only a plan. I reserve the right to modify this plan as necessary once the suck kicks in. But I WILL keep a tight back. I WILL do my best. I WILL finish this workout.

17 minutes of burpees and snatches. 3, 2, 1, GO:
40 burpees – SLOW DOWN. Don’t let the adrenaline push you out too fast. I’ll shoot to pace 15 burpees per minute, wrapping up 40 at just under 3 minutes.
30 snatches at 45# – slow and steady. Breathe. I will do all 30 in one set. 5 minutes down.
30 burpees – stupid burpees. I’ll do 15, then change the weight on my barbell (add 15# to each side), then 15 more. 7ish minutes down (this is where the ISH sets in).
30 snatches at 75# – 2 sets of 15. 9 minutes down.
20 burpees – Now I will wish I’d done a few more metcons lately. Keep moving. 11 minutes down.
Add weight to barbell.
30 snatches at 100# – let’s see how my back holds up. Shooting for 6 a minute has me finish this set at 16:00 and leaves me with one last minute to do 10 burpees, and maybe one attempt at a 120# snatch. My snatch PR is 125#. Anything can happen.
What will definitely happen? I will wear awesome knee socks. I will curse >1 time during this WOD. I will drink vodka to celebrate surviving the workout. I will wish I’d done the O-lifting seminar prior to this WOD, rather than the day after it.

Workout of the Day – BRING-A-FRIEND THURSDAY!

A. Barbell lunge squat: 4 rounds of 10-12 reps @3010 tempo, every 3 min
B. As many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
8 burpees
15 situps


Partner WOD: P1 & P2 alternate movements for as many rounds & reps in 15 minutes of:
1) Choose one: 15 cal AirDyne/250m row/200m run/20 double unders OR 60 singles, then
2) 7 burpees over partner, then
3) 10 kb swings
Repeat until time expires.

Friends who’d like to join us for a workout Thursday, Friday or Saturday can reserve a spot in class by emailing

7 thoughts on “THURS 03.07.13 The Open begins!”

  1. 13.1- finally here. I have to admit I get butterflys every time I think about 17mins of burpees/snatches…i'm not talking about the kind you get when you see those blue lights in the rear-view, I'm talking about the ones I used to get before kickoff for HS soccer games, the kind you get before skydiving, almost the kind I had as I walked into chapel on my wedding day…real adrenaline butterflys, the good kind. Then they subside until I think about it again. But as Lis already noted, strategory is key. I like the way she laid it out, keep moving, even if not doing burpees she's not wasting time hands on her knees…yet, but adding weight to the bar. Speaking of weight, does it scare me, yes and no, you can't be scared, if you are you've already lost-thanks Dan Bailey. My 1RM snatch is 185#, that was months ago when I was in shape…165# will be a push, my goal for this WOD will be to get to the point where I can attempt some 165s. I'm sure I'll be gassed, but I'll give it all I have….be it all I have tonight might not be my best effort ever, but that's what you/we have to do with WODs day in, day out. So focus will be on sets of 10-15 burpees, 10-15 snatches @ 75#, then sets of 10 burpees, sets of 5-7 @ 135#, knock out last 20 burpees AFAP (because tie breaking scenario depends on where you've finished your last set of burpees), then anything left in the tank, I'll take a shot at some 165s…hear it's all about form. Honestly I'm surprised they threw snatches out there, given how technical they can be and 30 reps will start to fatigue your form, no matter how strong you are. So if you're new to CF, don't be hesitant to this WOD, it'll hurt but you'll feel accomplished at the end no matter how far you go, everyone hates burpees so just power through and then focus on snatch form. Looking forward to it tonight….kinda, but then I get to have a couple beers. Lis-load up the fridge.

  2. This workout is an example of why it pays to do the open – 13.1 has the same snatch ladder scheme that 12.2 last year (only difference is that 12.2 didn't include burpees and was only 10 minutes). I fell 3 reps short of doing all the reps at 135 last year. Just making an attempt at 165 will be a big win for me and actually hitting a rep at that weight would be awesome. I also remember that the jump from 75 to 135 is big and that first rep at 135 feels like 225. So, again, if you're one of those people who says they'll wait until next year to compete, you might be doing your 2014 self a disservice. I'll also say that if 135 is your current 1RM or pretty close to it and your goal is to get a couple reps at 135, there's nothing in the rules that prevents you from taking a rep at 95 and a rep 115 before making an attempt at 135 – the 95 and 115 won't count and you'll lose a lot of time changing weights, etc. But, if you are basically going to be tieing a PR or going for a new PR, this might be the way to help get there. Again, the jump to 135 is really big.

    Rex and I have a similar goal, but different plans on how to get there. My plan: I know that I need to be prepare my body to snatch close to my 1 rep max and to make that big jump from 75 to 135. So, I am going to take 3 to 5 reps at 75, 1 or 2 at 135, and 1 at 165 before the workout to get used to the jumps. I also know that I need to be done with those last 20 burpees and have the bar loaded with at least 60 seconds to go in order to make any real attempts at 165. My plan is to do the first 40 burpees by doing 10 and 10 relatively quickly to get rid of the jitters and then settle into a steady rythym for the remaining 20 which I'll try to keep as my pace for the rest of the workout. 75 lbs snatches I'm going to do in sets of 5 and try to maintain 3 breath breaks between sets. Keep burpee workout pace for the next burpee set of 30. Then, will do 3 singles at 135 to try and get a good motor pattern down. If I'm feeling good, I'll move up to sets of 3. But, if the breaks between sets get longer than 10 seconds, I'm back to single, 2 breaths, single. I'll check the clock after the last snatch at 135 (assuming I get there) and do whatever I can to finish those last 20 burpees with 90 seconds to go. God willing, I'll have about 15 or 20 seconds to rest before making attempts at 165 with a minute on the clock.

    Good luck everyone!

  3. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    When I saw what the first WOD was going to be I was immediately nervous because of the snatches. I'm not sure how many snatches I can get at 75# (I think that may be my 1RM) but I will damn sure try to power through as many as I can. Lis – thanks for posting your strategy! Pacing is definitely key. I'm going to put together my strategy tonight 🙂 Can't wait to rock this WOD out with everybody on Saturday!

  4. I'll be with you tonight Matt and may need to bum a beer at the end as well. We got this!!!

  5. OH! Tonight CHUICE will set up at the box for a little sampling! If you haven't tried it yet….you should definitely stick around after your WOD or hang out a little before. 🙂 5:30-7:30!

  6. Congrats to REX (Matt) & Geoff coming out the gate to kick off the CFM Open… w scores of 133 & 111 respectively. They made it look like a walk in the park. This will be a real pleasure.

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