FRI 06.28.24 Captain America WOD Saturday!

Glenn and Rachel

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 29th: Captain America Partner WOD at CFM! Workout is planned for Saturday morning in each group class and we’ll split into teams of 2. Workout will have feats of strength, skill, and stamina to complete in rounds for an AMRAP. Reserve you spot on Saturday morning for this superhero themed WOD! Tape hands / use gloves for boxing. Wear red, white, and blue!

Thursday, July 18th: Bring-A-Friend Day! Thank you for everyone who invited a friend to join us and for those completing their first workout at CrossFit Midtown for the June BAF Day! We look forward to the next BAF Day in July. Invite a friend or family to join you for a beginner friendly partner workout. Email us with their name and contact email to reserve their spot. #BYOF Bring Your Own Friend!

Saturday, August 10th Save the date! 31Heroes Charity & Fundraising WOD!!

CFM 4th Of July Schedule

Wednesday 7/3: Regular Schedule
Thursday 7/4: 7-9a Open Gym
Friday 7/5: 8:30a Open Gym, 9:30a Group Class, 4:30p Open Gym, 5:30p Group Class
Saturday 7/6: Resume Regular Schedule

Today’s schedule

6:00a: All Levels CrossFit- Anastasia
7:00a: All Levels CrossFit- Anastasia
8:00a: Open Gym- Anastasia
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
1:00p: Open Gym- Michael
4:00p: Open Gym- Javi
5:00p: All Levels CrossFit- Javi
6:00p: All Levels CrossFit- Javi

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. For Time [14min cap]
50′ Handstand Walk
21 C2B Pull Ups*
50′ Handstand Walk
15 C2B Pull Ups
50′ Handstand Walk
9 C2B Pull Ups
50′ Handstand Walk
*(Rx+ 12-9-6 Bar Muscle Ups)

B. Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster)
5 sets of 2 reps
Complete 1 set every 2 minutes
Start at 50% max C&J and build to 70-80%

Post time for the WOD and load for the cluster. Example 13:10 Rx, 230#

Squat Clean Thruster: In this movement, the barbell goes from ground to overhead with the athlete passing through a full squat position while the barbell is racked on the shoulders. The bar starts on the ground. The hip crease must pass below the knees. The movement from the squat to extension overhead must be performed in one fluid motion without stopping or segmenting at the shoulders. The barbell must come to full lock out overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the heels. A jerk or re-dip of the knees is not permitted to finish the lockout. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing.

And coming Saturday…

Captain America Partner WOD
20 Minute AMRAP

4 Jab-jab-cross-elbow-elbow-knee-knee
6 Archer Pull Ups (3 per side alt)
8 Overhead Walking Lunges with plate (45/35)
200m run
20m Sled push (180/135)

Partners alternating each round. All reps are per person. Tape hands / use gloves for boxing. Wear red, white, and blue.

Post total rounds and reps completed. 200m = 20 reps and 20m sled push = 2 reps. 10m = 1 rep (40 reps/round).
Ex: 9+8 Rx.

Saturday Schedule

8:30a: Open Gym- Michael
9:30a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
10:30a: All Levels CrossFit- Isabelle
11:45a: Yoga- Michael

And coming Sunday…

A. Bench Press

B. EMOM 16
Min 1: 10 DB Deadlift (50’s/35’s)
Min 2: 10 DB Front Squat (50’s/35’s)
Min 3: 12/9 Calorie Row
Min 4: Rest

Post weight for heaviest weight for bench press and lowest reps completed for the EMOM
Ex. 235#, 10-10-12 Rx

Sunday Schedule

9a: Weightlifting- David
11a: All Levels CrossFit- Liza
12:15p: Yoga- Michael

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