One year ago today, my world turned upside down when the CF box I was managing got sold and my position was eliminated. As my world was crumbling late that night, I called a friend for sympathy… his comforting words: “Good. Now you can open YOUR gym.”
I am so thankful to ALL of you – the students, interns, ITPers, coaches, partners, and other supporters who help every day with making my dream come true. It is an honor that you each selected CrossFit Midtown to help you become stronger, healthier individuals.
As I reflect on the past year, I can only hope each of you will also find what makes you happy, follow your dreams and live life to its fullest. I wish you all the best. Here’s to a great journey!

SAVE THE DATE: Halloween Glow Stick WOD is Wed, 10/31 at 8pm!

Join us tonight at 7 for Paleo Potluck & Pumpkin Carving

We’re having a half-way through the WLC party Friday and everyone is welcome to join the fun! Please bring a paleo dish to share with 6 to 8 of your fellow CFMers… AAAAND, bring a pumpkin! We’ll enjoy some grub and then dissect some pumpkins… we’ll provide some carving tools. WHAT IS EVERYONE BRINGING TO THE POTLUCK?


Just in time for the amazing fall weather, we’re ordering hoodies TODAY… $45 for American Apparel navy blue front-zip hoodie. The design is below. We’ll be taking pre-orders for these, and only ordering a limited quantity beyond that. If you wish to order a hoodie, please email us with PAYMENT METHOD (CC on file, or bring cash or check to the box) AND SIZE (unisex XS-2XL… extra charge may apply for 2XL) OR write your order on the sign-in sheet in the box by Friday at 2pm.

The O.G.s

Workout of the Day

A1. 4 sets: Weighted Back Extensions x8 @1010 tempo, 1min rest
A2. 4 sets: Strict Toes to Bar x8 @1010 tempo, 1min rest
B. Partner workout (Partner 1- P1; Partner 2- P2):
1. 3 rounds: P1 – 5 kettlebell (kb) snatches left, then P2 5 kb snatches left
P1 5 kb snatches right, then P2 5 kb snatches right
2. 3 rounds: P1 – 10 kb swings, then P2 – 10 kb swings
3. P1 vs P2 – 30 burpees for time

7 thoughts on “10.12.12 ANIMAL WARM-UP FRIDAY!!!”

  1. Last call for CFM hoodies! Placing the order shortly… (if anyone has questions on sizing, I wear a M and Brianne wears a S… I'll be ordering some extra beyond the pre-orders, so if you get the wrong size, we'll be able to accommodate some swapping).

  2. Brianne Elaine Verraneault

    Or in the words of Urán Piedra "That's a small? It looks child size" Hahahahaha

  3. Don't forget after the party is the after party – tonight at RiRa! Come help us celebrate some b'days and we'll raise a toast to Lis' accomplishments over the past year too. Now, off to the grocery store to find something to cook…

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