FRI 08.03.12

CFM’s Instructor Training Program kicks off August 19th!

We are looking for motivated CrossFitters who want to go beyond being just an athlete – those who aim to be a great coach…not only knowledgeable and articulate about CrossFit, but also capable of teaching a great CrossFit class.
The CFM Instructor Training Program is designed for the ongoing development of a fitness coach. We may have several members interested in coaching, without having to change careers to do so. This program is designed for both the person who is looking for a career change, and for the person who just wants to learn more, share it with others, and teach an amazing class.
We will develop a group of people who will be great substitute coaches, assistant coaches, and perhaps eventually be part of the CrossFit Midtown coaching team or staff. Our current coaching staff will also participate in ITP as a continuing education program.
Please email Lis if you are interested in the program. We’re looking forward to building our team from within the CrossFit Midtown community.
Goals of the CrossFit Midtown Instructor Training Program:
1. Provide our members an opportunity to further their growth as an athlete and leader by becoming a CrossFit Midtown Certified Coach.
2. Create a core group of student instructors who are knowledgeable and proficient in the instruction of CrossFit movements AND capable of teaching a fun and valuable CrossFit class.
3. There is no cost for this program but you must be motivated and committed.
Program Description:
The CFM Instructor Training Program is designed to add to our expert coaching staff and build a pipeline of assistant coaches and helpers, some of whom may go on to become lead coaches or work on the operations side of the gym.
We are only looking for people who are responsible, self-starters, motivated, and are ready to learn how to become part of our team and what makes our gym so special.
Instructor Training Program (ITP) Class:
CFM’s 2012 ITP class will meet Sundays from 8 to 9 pm for 12 sessions. September 2 will be an off week for Labor Day weekend. Session dates are Aug 19, 26, Sept 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4 & 11.
We will hold weekly ITP class for three months, to discuss programming and give each member of the coaching team and ITP an opportunity to review proper movement assessments, progressions, safety, coaching cues, and receive constructive criticism on their coaching effectiveness, their ability to organize, motivate and lead a group.

**Note: Completing the CFM Instructor Training Program in no way obligates you to being a full or part time coach/instructor at CFM. Completion does not include a CrossFit (HQ) certification, which will also need to be attained before a candidate becomes a lead coach. It also does not guarantee you a position as a regular instructor in the CFM schedule.

Entry Requirements:
1. Minimum of six months of CrossFit experience
2. Write a “Letter of Intent”
This need not be long, but it should be from the heart. This IS a requirement, and may be used to determine your eligibility for participation in the program. Email this to Lis by Sunday, August 12th. You will find out within one week if you have been accepted.
Please include:
• Why do you want to be an instructor?
• Why would someone want you to be their Coach?
• What is your background (include all): education, profession, sports, fitness and CrossFit experience?
• What are your strengths & weaknesses?
• Do you intend on being an instructor as a career or a part-time passion? (this will not affect your acceptance we just want to know where you stand)
3. Level 1 Proficiency Test
A basic movement test must be completed with a passing score. Scheduling this test is the responsibility of the student. The test must be completed in person with Lis.

31 Heroes

This Saturday is the 31 Heroes Fundraiser WOD at 10 am. It’s a fun 31-minute partner WOD. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry about it! Check out the link on the sidebar of this page to register. Dyer has offered to bring post-WOD adult refreshments. THEN we’ll head down the street to Ri-Ra…

Olympics Watch Party

This weekend: Sat, August 4th, 1-5pm at Rira Irish Pub. Get to know your fellow CFMers outside the gym as we watch some Olympics coverage of weightlifting, rowing, swimming, volleyball and more. THEN the party rolls right into URAN DAY… Uran’s bday celebration is Saturday night at Cypress Street Pint & Plate.


Weekly Hooverball continues at Piedmont Park. Meet us at 10am on the sand volleyball courts as the Dream Team, led by Drew Vabulas, continues its quest for world hooverball domination. RIO 2016! Invite your friends… anyone can come out and play. We’ll teach you!

Walter coaching John H, Matt C and Carolyn on cleans.

Workout of the Day

Pull Ups:4 sets of 5 weighted pull ups OR 4 sets of 5 pull up negatives
Rest 3:00 between sets
4 Rounds (for reps & meters)
Max reps handstand push ups
1 minute max row
Rest 6 minutes

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