THURS 11.01.12


What did you achieve last month? What do you hope to achieve in November? Please post your goals and achievements on the goals board in the box… OR HERE ON THE BLOG. What will you achieve before December 1? What will you do by the end of 2012? Let’s have the best month ever!

Eat your vegetables!

We’re excited to partner with South Metro Produce for weekly deliveries of organic fruits and vegetables from local family farmers. You can choose from a small/$27, medium/$35 or large/$45 box of produce each week (or partner up and split the order!). Josh will be delivering to us every Monday (orders due by Sunday) so visit his site and place your order today! He even dropped off a sample medium box to us, so check it out up front near the check-in computer to get an idea of what your order might include.

November Food Drive

Please donate to our food drive this month… we’ve started with two barrels, but I think we can fill at least FIVE! Courtney had the fabulous idea for all the Coaches and Instructor Training Program members to do a burpee for every can we get donated.
ONE BURPEE FOR EVERY CAN/BOX/ITEM. I said, “Courtney, that seems like an awfully obvious gimmick, but let’s go with it!”***
***This conversation may or may not have been modified… Courtney actually volunteered LIS to do all the burpees, and Lis promptly recruited some help. So there you have it, folks…Your Coaches & ITP team will do LOTS of burpees this month, if you wish.


Workout of the Day

A1. 3 sets: 3 Strict Press, 10sec rest
A2. 3 sets: As many reps as possible of Strict Pullups*, 3min rest
*Set ends when you drop from bar.
B. 5 rds:
5 Push Press*
10 burpees
75m run/row or 15sec AD
2:30 rest
*Select challenging weight that you can do unbroken each round.

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