03.01.13 Minimalist March

March challenge: cut down the clutter

This month, I challenge you to cut down on stuff… clutter… junk. Whether it be virtual clutter in the form of an overflowing email inbox, or just cleaning out your closet, let’s cut down on clutter in our lives. You’d be surprised what peace of mind it gives you to simplify your life. I just sorted/deleted/archived and have almost conquered my email inbox (100 more in the archives to sort) and the past week has been much more productive because of it.
See if you can get rid of something every day this month. What will you tackle first?

Bring-a-Friend Days next week

Every quarter, we invite your friends to join us for three special days of workouts planned specially to give everyone of every fitness level a great workout. It’s a chance for your friends to see what the CrossFit fuss is all about!
Next Thursday, Friday & Saturday (3/7-3/9), we’re ready to host 20 students per class (14 CFM students & 6 guests). Please help spread the word!
Guests can reserve a space in class by emailing FRIENDS@crossfitmidtown.com. We’ll email back to confirm which class they can join.
Along with kicking off our first CrossFit Open ever, with WOD 13.1 next Saturday at noon, AND the Olympic Lifting seminar next Sunday, it’s bound to be an amazing weekend. Don’t miss it!


Get in on the action…A little birdie told me Tirzah & Lynn will be joining Team CFM today!

To any of your friends doubting they can do CrossFit, show them this picture of my 67-year-old mother doing yesterday’s WOD. With a positive attitude, ANYONE, of any age, ability, fitness level, etc, can do CrossFit. We will scale next week’s workouts as necessary for our guests.

Workout of the Day (WOD) – BENCHMARK FRIDAY!

For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Rx: do all reps of one movement before moving on. Beginners: COACHES WILL HELP YOU SCALE REPS & MOVEMENTS!

And coming tomorrow…Team workout:

In teams of 3:
60sec of single unders (EVEN IF YOU CAN DOUBLE…do faster singles)
60sec of kb swings
60sec of sit-ups
alternate movements
x12 total min

Team score= total reps of all singles, swings and sit-ups done by everyone

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