05.20.13 Dress for Success

Dress for Success

by Uran
There are so many reasons to love CrossFit: Increased strength, balance, and flexibility…More confidence…And, the clothes. *swoon*
If you’re anything like me, you probably started off telling yourself that if you’re just going to be sweating, any old outfit would do for a workout. Maybe you still feel this way. That’s cool, too.
While it’s definitely true that you can sweat in anything, sometimes the dynamic nature of the movements involved in typical CrossFit workouts call for more functional apparel. Or sometimes you just like to look good because it makes you feel good when you train. Or maybe you just love shopping. Whatever the case, I’m with you. Finding new, awesome workout gear is one of my favorite pasttimes, and here are a few items that made it on the leaderboard in my closet:
1. Any T­shirt from the CFM Pro Shop:­ I’ve always been a gal who likes to WOD in t­shirts, and CFM really delivers on design and fit. Plus, they are super soft and you get to rep your gym.
2. Run: Speed Short from lululemon athletica (available online or at lululemon howell mill in West Midtown):­ You’ll see these suckers on a big portion of the lady population at CFM because they are awesome. You can move freely & there’s no chafing.
3. Incredible Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret­: This sports bra is the bomb dot com. It provides maximum support so there is minimal movement when doing things like box jumps and double unders.
4. Run: Inspire Crop II from lululemon athletica: It’s hard to find crops or pants that don’t start creeping down your backside when you’re in the bottom of a squat. Fortunately, these don’t. Also, they’re well­ventilated and cute. What more could a girl ask for?
5. F­-LITE 230 from inov-8:­ I like these shoes work for just about anything, and they are very affordable. They go on sale at The Clymb every few weeks and they’re usually about 40% off.

What’s your favorite gear for the gym?

Congrats to all the Atlanta athletes who competed this weekend at the CrossFit Regionals! Our city will be well-represented in Cali in July: all three of the top men, the three top teams and one of the top women are from Atlanta affiliates! Congrats to the teams from CrossFit Atlanta, CrossFit Adrenaline & CrossFit Rx on qualifying, and to my sweet friend Emily Friedman for placing third and earning her trip to California. Go get ’em!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Back squat: 5-5-5+
Adjust weight based on 05.16.13 burnout set or use 75% of 1-rep max
B. Regionals WOD #3 OR G.I. Jane:
30 burpee muscle ups for time OR 100 burpee pull ups for time (scale with jumping pull ups)

And coming tomorrow…

A. Snatch from the high-hang position: 2-2-2-2-2
B. Deadlift: 5-5-5+
Adjust weight based on 05.13.13 burnout set or use 75% of 1-rep max
C. For time: 5 sets of 15 unbroken wall balls 20/14#

3 thoughts on “05.20.13 Dress for Success”

  1. Innov-8s on sale again today…shameless self promotion plug – http://www.theclymb.com/invite-from/MattCochard.

    I just switched from Saucony's to the Innov-8s, the Innov-8s are slightly more narrow so be aware but both have close to zero drop (perfect to for staying in your heels for all those thrusters, DLs, presses, basically all compound movements we do), but also enough padding for box jumps and running.

    Since Uran only addressed women's attire, I'll throw out my 2c for the men, shirts- anything slightly more fitted are better to not get in the way of WODs for time & the softer the better; shorts- the opposite is true here since you need room for squats, thrusters etc but I'm not talking NBA length, I also like some type of compression short underneath to help support the muscles through a tough WOD; shoes- see link above, also plain old Converse Chucks work but slightly heavier which adds up for MUs, running, pull-ups etc, but very solid base for oly lifts.

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