FRI 11.30.12 Go Dawgs

Send November out with a BANG!

As my mentor says, don’t limp into December and don’t limp into 2013! Make the most of today and then let’s kick December’s B-double-O-T-Y.

Bring-a-Friend Days

Do you have a friend or family member who is dying to try CrossFit but needs a little push? Well in two weeks, they’ll get that chance! We’re hosting our first Bring-A-Friend days December 13, 14, & 15. So that Thurs, Fri & Sat, you’re welcome to bring a friend with you to any class. These classes won’t be capped and your class limits don’t apply that week IF YOU BRING A FRIEND (so you can earn a few extra visits that week if you bring a friend along to your Thurs, Fri and/or Sat class).
We do ask that you be the host/hostess for your friend that day, so a) you have to join them for the class they attend and b) you can only bring one friend per class. Got two friends who want to visit on Thursday? Well then you get to do TWO CLASSES & TWO WODS that day!

What else is coming up?

TODAY is your last day to donate food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We’ve already filled one barrel and are trying to fill the last one… Bring some non-perishable food items and you get to assign a burpee per item to the coach of your choice!
ORRRRRRR, you can donate to the CFM food drive online. Click here to donate to the CFM Virtual Food Drive, and the CFM coach (or intern! ;)) of your choice will do a burpee…NO MAKE THAT FIVE BURPEES …for every dollar donated!!!
SUNDAY we’re playing touch football in the park at 11am. Meet us at the Piedmont Park active oval to play… all skill levels are welcome!

CFM Holiday Party IN EIGHT DAYS!

EIGHT days left! Uran & Dyer are recruiting a few more elves to help them with final party plans, decorations, playlists and set up. Post in the comments below if you can help. JUST WHEN IS THIS AWESOME PARTY, you ask? Why it’s next Saturday from 7 to 10 pm, right here at CFM. We’ll provide the main course and beverages. You bring your favorite appetizer or dessert to share (paleo optional!). I hear Lindsay is bringing her grandma’s Better-than-Sex cake (that’s right, I just said grandma and sex in the same sentence). What are you bringing???

Pro Shop goodies

Yaaaay, just in time for the holidays we have new RED pullover sweatshirts aaaaand new RED knee socks arrive today (I know I said that yesterday… they’ll ACTUALLY be here today)! Hoodies are $40 and socks are $15. And our sale on all t-shirts & tank tops continues – get 2 for $40 through the end of the year. YES! All of this gear is appropriate attire for your holiday office party.
GOLD & SILVER members – don’t forget you cool kids get a discount on pro shop purchases! Gold gets 15% off and Silver gets 10% off… regularly price merch only.
Check out the snazzy new red pullovers (model not included)! Plus these Welcome to the Jungle Ts and all other Tshirts & tanks are on sale through the end of the year.

Workout of the Day

Eight rounds: Partner 1 rows 500m while Partner 2 rests.
Then Partner 2 rows 500m while Partner 1 rests.

2 thoughts on “FRI 11.30.12 Go Dawgs”

  1. NICE JOB to the AM classes on all that rowing! 12 people have tackled it so far and Dyer & Shaylyn have the time to beat with 31:05. CRUSHIN IT.
    John Herman – FOOTBALL SUNDAY AT 11. Be there… who else is coming? Fred – bring the ball please!
    Lindsay – what makes your grandma's cake "better than sex"? I can't wait to taste this recipe at the holiday party next week! Anami – what delicious treat are you bring us?
    Everybody stay tuned next week for a video of Scott Levy doing 100 burpees in my UGA tank top after he loses our bet when the Dawgs beat Bama tomorrow. GO DAWGS!

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