It’s only fitting that we work on our GOATS on Animal Warm-Up Friday, right? So what IS a goat? Well, thanks to CFM student & West Point alum Kyle, we now know the term comes from the person who graduates last in the class each year from West Point. Thanks for educating us, Kyle!
And there I was, trying to tell everyone it’s something you’re just BAA-A-A-D at (I KNOW sheep say baaa. So do goats).
In CrossFit, a goat is something you need to work on… Something you’re not great at… Something you CRINGE at when it turns up on the blog.
It could be box jumps, rope climbs, handstands, double unders, mobility, overhead squats… whatever you need to work on.
So what’s your goat? Post in the comments and tell us your goat. I’ll start: for me, it changes week to week. Currently, my goat is bench press. And I’ve been working on it with plans to improve in time for the powerlifting meet I’m doing next month. I have taken fitness quite seriously this time and have begun reading water softener reviews as I have heard it helps in removing the harmful sodium and am planning to get a few types of equipment home as well.
What are you working on? Let us know. Get your goat!

CFM is closed Easter Sunday

No Open Gym this Sunday… we’ll be open as regularly scheduled all other days this & next week.


Please visit the Lost & Found trunk (up front at the box, in the corner by the New Member board/pics) this week for your last chance to claim forgotten water bottles, towels, gloves, socks… and anything else you may have left behind. You’ve got until TODAY, then we’re doing some spring cleaning and taking the goodies to Goodwill.

Justin, Cap and Lindsay post-WOD Wednesday after push ups, toes-to-bar and kettlebells. Congrats to Cap putting up Thursday’s top score on HSPU & walking lunges… he also wins the award for least graceful dismount off the wall. 🙂

Workout of the Day

A. GOAT WORK: 10 minutes of skill work on one of your weaknesses
B. “Amanda”:
Muscle Up (sub jumping muscle ups or 1 ring row & 1 ring dip per rep)
Snatch (FULL squat snatch!) 135/95

And coming tomorrow…

Partner WOD (one person works at a time) –
A. Buy in: You and your partner accumulate 100 total calories on the AirDyne or Rower OR run a total of 1 mile

B. Partner deadlift for total load:
2 males lift a total of 15000#
1m/1f lift a total of 12500#
2f lift a total of 10000#

Score= Total time to complete A & B

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