MON 11.12.12

The first day of the rest of your life…

So now the Whole Life Challenge is over, and depending on what you ate in the “afterglow”, today may bring you a lovely gluten/sugar/cheese hangover. From informal poll results, I believe most CFMers celebrated with pizza, pancakes and beer. Just don’t be surprised if today’s workout is a rough one, or if you have a headache or the sniffles today.
As you return to “normal life”, try to keep a few lessons in mind that the Whole Life Challenge taught you… maybe you don’t really have to have a Diet Coke, a huge hunk of cheese, or a bagel on a daily basis. I hope you’ll choose healthier options for your meals, stick to the daily fish oil, stretching and active recovery on days off from CFM.
And as we slip into the holiday season, why should you pack on 20 lbs like the rest of America? Instead, use this as another challenge, to commit to your health and fitness and actually get healthier over the next few months as many of our peers do the opposite. Good luck!

All the Waterson kids came to visit CFM this weekend! (Kelly, Frank, Tracy and Dan)

Workout of the Day

A. Split Squat: Find your eight-rep max at a 3010 tempo
B. In eight minutes, complete as many rounds & reps as possible:
10 kettlebell swings
15 situps

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  1. Great stuff on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all for making it a fun day. Pretty sure our food barrel is still sucking. So, I'm committing to bringing in some mac n cheese and/or canned vegetables by this Saturday – if I fail, then I'm doing 100 burpees in Lis' wonder woman costume this weekend as punishment.

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