THUR 07.21.16

Tina prepping the hips for squatting in thrusters. Good stretch for all squats.
Tina prepping the hips for squatting in thrusters for 31Heroes WOD. Good stretch for all squats.

Upcoming CFM Events

Tuesday-Sunday, July 19-24th: Reebox CrossFit Games Viewing. Click here for details on watching the games this weekend!
Saturday, July 23rd: 6pm. Acro-Yoga in Home Park. Click here for more details about this Yoga Jam event.
Thursday, July 28th: Bring-A-Friend Day. All levels beginner friendly partner WOD.
Rowing, Situps, Medball Passes.
Saturday, August 6th: 9am-12 noon. 31Heroes WOD.

Today’s schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Travis
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Travis
8a: Open Gym- Stacy
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Justin
4p: Open Gym- Ellen
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Ellen
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Travis
7p: All Levels CrossFit- Travis

Workout of the Day (WOD):

A. In 15 minutes work up to a heavy complex:
1 Push Press
2 Jerk (Push or Split)

B. 5 Rounds For Time (@ 75% of complex) [14 Minute Time Cap]
5 Deadlift
4 Hang Power Clean
3 Shoulder to Overhead
8 Burpees
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post load for complex and time to complete rounds. Ex: 205#, 8:50 @ 165#

And coming tomorrow…

A. Back Squat: In 15 minutes work up to a 3 Rep Max.

B. 25-20-15-10-5 Reps Rounds of: [20 minute time cap]
Air Squats
Hand Release Pushups
200m Sprint Each Round

Post load for squat and time to complete rep rounds. Ex: 375#, 11:15 Rx

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