THUR 12.10.20

Lia holding a handstand

Today’s schedule

6:15a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
7:30a: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
8:45a: Open Gym- Michael
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Michael
12n: Zoom CrossFit– Michael
1:15p: Open Gym- Michael
3:30p: Open Gym- Michael
4:45p: All Levels CrossFit- Damon
6:00p: All Levels CrossFit- Damon
6:00p: Zoom CrossFit– Damon
7:15p: All Levels CrossFit- Damon

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Macho Nacho
For Time [12min cap]

7 “Macho Man” Complexes
30 Handstand Pushups
5 “Macho Man” Complexes
30 Handstand Pushups
3 “Macho Man” Complexes

1 “Macho Man” Complex:
With (2) Dumbbells (50’s/35’s)
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder-to-Overheads

At Home
1 “Macho Bodyweight” Complex:
6 Everest Climbers (R+L=2)
5 Squat Jumps
4 Push Ups

B. 5-Way Banded Shoulder Stretches

Post time for the WOD. Ex: 9:10 Rx.

And coming tomorrow…

Fight Club
3 Rounds for Total Reps

1:00 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
1:00 Power Cleans (95/65 lb)
1:00 Box Jump-Overs (24/20 in)
1:00 Pull-Ups
1:00 Row Cals
1:00 Rest

With a running clock complete one minute of max repetitions each of thrusters, power cleans, box jump-overs, pull-ups, and calories on the rower (each calorie equals one rep). Move immediately from one station to the next. After the minute on the rower, rest one minute. Complete three rounds. Score is the total number of repetitions completed in all three rounds.

At Home
Garage Fight
3 Rounds for Total Reps
1:00 Single DB Thrusters (50/35) or Squat Sprawl
1:00 Single DB Hang Snatches (50/35) or 1-Arm Sprawl
1:00 Jumping Lunges
1:00 Single DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35) or Push Up + Down Dog
1:00 Lateral DB Hops
1:00 Rest

Post total reps completed. Ex: 264 Rx

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