THURS 7.11.13 CFM reminders…

CFM reminders

It’s been a busy week at CFM! So it’s time for a few reminders about our policies…
1. Classes are capped at 14 students: Use your Zen Planner login/password to reserve a space in class UP TO 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE. If something comes up, you can always cancel your reservation provided you do so at least an hour ahead of time.
2. Late for class? You just earned yourself a 25-burpee warm-up! Yaaaaaay burpees :). BUT, at 10 minutes past the hour, class is “closed”…for your safety & out of respect for your classmates, if you arrive after that, you’ve missed the warm-up & workout explanation and you’ll have to wait for the next class (if applicable).
3. Don’t hijack equipment! If someone else has claimed a pull-up bar for the workout, please set up elsewhere. The same goes for snaking kettlebells, barbells, etc. We give ample set up time to make sure everyone has their own WOD station.
*There will be occasions when we ask you to channel your inner pre-schooler and share equipment.
4. This is not social hour. We’re SO PROUD of the community developing here at CFM. I’m glad you’ve made buddies here. BUT class time is not gossip hour. Please save the socializing for outside the gym.
5. Respect your coach. They are in charge of the class. Our first concern is safety. So if we ask you to pull some weight off the bar, it’s because your form needs some work. If we ask you to pull some weight off the bar, it’s because your form needs some work. You have entrusted CFM to help you in your quest for elite fitness, and our coaching staff is here to do just that. WE ARE NOT HERE TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND.
6. Clean up after yourself. Equipment. Gear. Water bottles. KILL CLIFF CANS. Protein spills (you know what I mean!). Sweat angels. Trash.
7. HAVE FUN! CFM is a positive place. Help us keep it that way. Have a bad day? Leave it at the front door… don’t come in complaining about it! Check your ego at the door and give yourself a pat on the back for even being here. Cut out the negative self-talk and enjoy your journey toward elite FUNctional fitness.

photo (3)Sara and David working hard through Russian kettlebell swings at 7am!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. 5k row time trial
B. Recovery day: 50 turkish get ups, not for time.

And coming tomorrow…

A. Back Squat: 3-3-3 @ 80%
B. “Fran”
Thursters 95/65
Pull ups

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  1. Today's blog features some friendly reminders for all you CFMers – LIKE: Use your class time to train, not to socialize.
    Socializing is fun, in the right time & place… like OHHHHH, SAY tomorrow at Happy Hour!
    Thanks to CFM Social Butterfly Alison Drane for hosting another Happy Hour from 6-8p at Front Page News. See you there!

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