TUES 04.21.15

Why We Squat Deep! We’ve been taught that for a rep to count in a workout, we need to break parallel. So this may lead some athletes to believe that they only need to lower themselves the equivalent distance when performing strength training. But as you’re about to find out, squatting to full depth is far more effective—and safe—than squatting to just below parallel: 7 REASONS TO SQUAT ASS-TO-GRASS …Click here to read more “Box Life Magazine”

When everyone is cheering you on for that last rep.
When everyone is cheering you on for that last rep.

Today’s schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Jason
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Jason
8a: Open Gym- Jason
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Jason
4p: Open Gym- Michael
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Richard
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Richard
7p: All Levels CrossFit- Richard

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Back Squat: 3 sets of 5 worksets. All sets at the same weight. Max reps on 3rd set.

B. 7 minutes as many rounds as possible (AMRAP):
7 Wallball shots 10ft (20/14)
7 Pullups

Post load and reps for squat and rounds and reps for AMRAP. Ex: 305#, 8 reps, 11+7 Rx.

And coming tomorrow…

A. Push Press: 5 sets of 3 reps. Workup to a heavy set of 3.

B. 4 Rounds for time:
4 Hang Power Clean (m = 155/115, w = 105/85)
8 Shoulder to overhead (m = 155/115, w = 105/85)
12 Pushups

Post load for press and time for WOD. Ex: 215#, 6:10 Rx+.

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