WED 04.24.13 Field Day Reg price goes up next week!

Field Day registration price goes up on May 1!

Teams of 4 can still register for $100 (ALL proceeds go to Strong4Life), but on May 1 the price goes up to $150 per team. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Register here.
Team events are: Tug-o-War, Hooverball, Skills Challenge (1 member competes at the softball throw for distance, 1 competes in the hula hoop contest, and 2 compete in a 3-legged race) & the Team Relay (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of wheelbarrow, sack race, dizzy bat & burpee leap frog).
Don’t miss the fun!

Weekend fun w Alison, Beka, Lis, Lindsay, Uran, Tirzah, Meesh and the one and only Sir Charles.

Yoga today at 12n with Beth!

Rowing tonight at 7p:

For total meters:
8:00 row
3:00 rest
7:00 row
2:00 rest
6:00 row
1:00 rest
5:00 row

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Barbell step up: 4 rounds, every 3 minutes of 6-8 reps @1010 tempo (each side)
B. As many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes:
10 pistols
2 rope climbs OR 10 ring rows

And coming tomorrow…

A. Every 4 min for 5 rounds:
A1. Deadlift 6-9 reps @2010 tempo, 15sec rest
A2. Dumbbell Single-arm press L 6-8 reps @3010 tempo, no rest
A3. Dumbbell Single-arm press R 6-8 reps @3010 tempo
B. For time: 21-15-9 –
Wall balls
Plyo push ups

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