TUES 04.23.13 Self Defense seminar on 05.18

Self-Defense Seminar on May 18th

Did you know Coach Walter is not only our Tuesday night Olympic Lifting specialist, but he’s also an accomplished martial artist?!?!?
Join Walter Barber for a scenario-based workshop which will teach you to avoid, escape and evade violent persons and situations. This seminar is designed to teach students of all defensive skill levels basic, but effective techniques to subdue/overcome would-be attackers. Each individual will be provided with the best boxing headgear for complete saftey during the entire training period. Not only is the emphasis put on the physical techniques necessary for personal protection, but attention is drawn to the number one means of self-preservation: avoidance. Attendees will delve into the psychology of violence, learn how not to become a victim (in & outside the home), develop a means for effective striking and power production, and understand the importance of fitness (particularly CrossFit) to fighting. This self-defense course is designed specifically to empower people with the strategies and tactics to survive a violent situation.

Seminar Goals:
• Improve your understanding of violence
• Dispel some popular myths about self-defense
• Teach proper and effective striking

• Teach you how to avoid and/or escape common threats/attacks

When: Saturday, May 18th, 11a-1p
Where: CrossFit Midtown
Cost: $60 for CFM students, $70 for guests
Register: At CFM (online registration coming this week)

Walter Barber is the owner/operator of Martial Strategies, LLC, a company designed to work with individuals and organizations in developing successful strategies and tactics with regard to personal protection, self-dense, martial arts and fitness. Not long back, the company consolidated many of its departments, and has also become an arms manufacturer manufacturing many parts of rifles, especially the upper parts for AR-15 rifles. Walter began his study of the martial arts with grappling, having wrestled since the age of 12. Upon entering college, he delved deeper into martial arts becoming a competitive full-contact kickboxer. As a wrestler and fighter he won numerous matches, ultimately winning an ISKA Regional Kickboxing Championship title and received his first black belt in a hybrid system that blended kickboxing, Kyokushin and Shotokan Karate.
Transitioning from ring fighting to self-defense, he began to study various systems to find what would build on his foundation and deepen his understanding of combatives. Eventually, this led to his study of Ryukyu Kempo and Jodoryu Jujitsu in which he is a Nidan (2nd degree blackbelt) in both systems. His training also draws heavily from the influence of other disciplines he’s studied: Aikido, law enforcement defensive tactics, Russian martial arts, Muay Thai.
Most recently his training has been focused on the practice of Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu, Pramek Adaptive Combatives and Atienza Kali. It is through this broad lens that he has been able to appreciate the martial concepts that are universal to self-defense.
In addition to his black belt rankings, Walter is a CrossFit Level I Instructor, a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Instructor (and competitive lifter), a CrossFit Movement & Mobility Coach, and a NRA firearms instructor.
Additionally, he is a licensed paramedic firefighter formerly assigned to his department’s Tactical Medic division as a sworn Sheriff’s Deputy responding with local and federal SWAT teams. Walter is also an avid bowhunter, wine enthusiast and lifelong Atlanta Falcons fan.

Geoff L makes a lovely silhouette as he practices double-unders… congrats to newlywed Geoff, who just got married on Saturday!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Power snatch: 4-5 reps, every 2 minutes for 5 rounds
B. Four rounds, every 5 min:
B1. 12-16 reps of Back Squat @2211 tempo, 15sec rest
B2. 3-5 reps of weighted pull ups @2112 tempo OR 3-5 pull up negatives

And coming tomorrow…

A. Barbell step up: 4 rounds, every 3 minutes of 6-8 reps @1010 tempo (each side)
B. As many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes:
10 pistols
2 rope climbs

5 thoughts on “TUES 04.23.13 Self Defense seminar on 05.18”

  1. Week 2
    Group Day Long Warm Up.
    Obstacle Run through the active oval. I will have a course plan of where we will do our awesome ninjatry, stopping at various landmarks in the active oval to utilize them for future battle and race combat. (45min total.)

    A. 10x 100m Sprints @75-80% of Max Speed, 90 seconds rest between each run.

    5 Rounds
    10 Tuck Jumps.
    10 Jumping Lunges (each leg).
    10 Ninja Jumps.


    7min AMRAP
    5 HSPU
    10 Plyo Pushups.
    5 Spiderman Plank Touches (each side).
    10 Supermans

    B. 6-8x 200m Sprints @75-80% of Max Speed, 2 minutes rest in between runs.
    or 6x300m Sprints @75-80% of Max Speed 3, minutes rest between runs.

    This weeks Sprints have increased Maximum Speeds from last week. This is to help us get faster week by week. Once we figure out our individual Maximum Velocity be sure to stick to the percentages programmed, as in, try not to go faster so that we can make it through the runs focusing on the Pose form we went over last week…:)

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