THURS 10.18.12

Class RSVPs

With just beyond a gaggle of students at CFM, the class sizes are growing! To maintain coaching quality and ensure safety, space and equipment for each student, we are offically capping classes at 14 students beginning today (10/18). But do not fret, we only anticipate two classes each week to be BURSTING at the seams… so you Tues/Thurs 7pm folk – PLEASE RSVP TO SAVE YO-SELF A SPOT. We’ll keep rollin’ w the punches and keeping you posted as other class times fill up… and as we add additional classes to accommodate the overflow.
RSVP – when you enrolled at CFM, you were emailed a login name and password for Zen Planner, our gym management website. Visit this page and use your login (you can also enter through the schedule page on our website) to reserve your space in class. RSVPs are accepted 5 days in advance, all the way up until class time. RSVP IS NOT REQUIRED, but if you show up for a class and it is full, you’ll have to wait until the next class to participate.
Cancellations – if you RSVP, then find you cannot attend a class, please CANCEL your reservation. You have until 4 hours prior to class time to cancel. If you do not attend a class for which you RSVPed, it will count against your weekly attendance if you fail to cancel the reservation.
-If you did not receive a Zen Planner log in email, let us know.
-Yoga classes are not capped.
-We are in the process of adding additional class times AND additional gym floor space, to accommodate more students.

THIS JUST IN: The Original Jump Rope Seminar at CFM on Oct 20th is SOLD OUT so we added another time slot from 1 to 3 pm

Molly Metz, world jump-rope champion and viral video legend (check out her video of 10-minutes non-stop double unders), is coming to CFM on Saturday, October 20 for a jump-rope workshop from 9 to 11 am. You’ll be a double under pro after she’s done with you. Cost is $45. Here’s the link to the afternoon class.

CFM’s 10 am class will relocate to Piedmont Park this Saturday (meet at the Active Oval gazebo) with Courtney & Beka, but the 11am class will be held at the box as regularly scheduled.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, 10/28 – 10am – Free Community COSTUME WOD at lululemon howell mill… Drag yourself out of bed for ONE MORE Halloween weekend costume-wearing opportunity… join Lis over at lululemon for the monthly community WOD, open to the public and suitable for all shapes, sizes, ghouls, goblins and skill levels.
Wednesday, 10/31 – 8pm – GLOW STICK WOD! Join the 8pm class for a Halloween WOD in the dark with GLOOOOOOW STICKS! This class will not be capped.
Thursday, 11/8 – 7:30pm – Ladies Night at lululemon howell mill CFM Ladies, join us on the Westside for some shopping, refreshments and great company!
Saturday, 11/10 – 10am – Whole Life Challenge FINALS WOD & Measurements at Piedmont Park Active Oval, followed by the…
WLC FINALS PARTY & AWARDS PRESENTATION, 11/10 – 1-3 pm at RiRa (note: this is a change from the original party location). WLCers and non-WLCers alike are welcome to attend. Some refreshments will be provided. Bring your family & friends to toast our WLC winners and celebrate the positive changes we made over the past eight weeks!
Saturday, 12/8 – 7pm – HOLIDAY PARTY! CFM’s inaugural holiday party is sure to be memorable. Save the date & stay tuned for more details.
Holiday giving – CFM will be hosting a canned food drive in November and a Toys for Tots drive in December.
P-Lane… one of the CFM Originals. It’s as if he was raised in the wild by a flock of sweaty bears.

Workout of the Day

A. Back Squat: 5-3-1 @30X0 (8 min cap)
B. 10 sets: 8 pushups
100m row, 100m run or 20sec AD
3 min rest

1 thought on “THURS 10.18.12”

  1. I made Jeremy's burger salad last night. Followed the directions to the letter except I subbed 6 oz of bacon for the eggs because I wanted bacon and was too hungry after cooking everything else to fry up some eggs. It was awesome. Thanks for the rec Jeremy! Very filling. Bonus was that I made some extra patties. So, I can have this again another night.

    I also attemped to make some paleo brownies. The directions said to use 2 teaspoons of honey, but since that's prohibited on the WLC diet I subbed in 4 tea spoons of stevia (which I bought especially for this). How did it turn out? Well, I gave Christine first crack at the brownies. She came back in with a mouthful and a disgusted look on her face. All she had to say when I asked how they were was: "You asshole, is this a joke?" Her reaction was warranted. These things tasted like burned dog shit – not sweet at all and extra crumbly. Lesson learned…..suck it stevia.

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