WED 02.05.13 Noon yoga today

Noon yoga starts today!

Beth is back teaching yoga, now on Wednesdays at noon in the front room.
Yoga can help with many ailments/complaints I regularly hear about from CFM students: you’re achy, sore, tight, inflexible, unable to concentrate, stressed out, unable to relax…
Yoga is INCLUDED in your CFM membership. It doesn’t even count as one of your weekly classes, so give it a try! We even have some spare mats you can use.
In addition to Beth’s Wednesday noon class, Monica also teaches a yoga class Thursdays at 8:15p at CFM.

Last Friday’s noon class doing their best flying squirrel imitations for Coach Woody. If you’ve never attended Animal Warm-Up Friday, you are missing out. Big time.

Quarterly Progress Checks:

This week, we’re retesting several benchmark workouts and setting new goals for the next three months. Who will you be by early May? Set your intention now.

Workout of the Day

As many rounds as possible in 20min of:
20 Thrusters 135/95
20 Pullups
20 Burpees

And coming tomorrow…

A. 1Rep Max Weighted Pull Up (or 5 sets of 3 slooooow negatives)
B. For time:
250m row
15 kb swings 2/1.5pd
25 burpees
15 kb swings 2/1.5pd
250m row

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  1. The CrossFit Games Open is less than a month away. If you think you might be the kind of person who likes to have fun, sign up:

    Dates: March 6 to April 7.
    Cost: $20
    What is it?: CrossFit HQ will announce 1 workout on Wednesday March 6th and you have until Sunday evening to complete the workout in front of a judge and upload your score. This will happen for 5 consecutive weeks with a new workout each week. Your score(s) will give you a worldwide and regional ranking – so, you can finally go head to head against your friends who live outside of Atlanta or who train at another gym.
    Where?: Subject to Lis' confirmation, you will be able to do all of the workouts at CFM alongside all of your CFM buddies – OR – you can make arrangements to visit another participating affiliate and do it there.

    Sign up. The more of us who do this the more fun it will be for all of us.

  2. Thanks Dyer! YES, CFM will be hosting all CF Open WODs and verifying scores. We have a coaches meeting next weekend where we'll confirm which day of the week we'll do the Open WODs, but it will likely be on Saturdays throughout the Open.

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