CFMakeover results

Congrats to everyone who completed our first CFMakeover!
We crowned the winners at Thurs night’s Halloween party. Here are the results:
1st place male- Patrick/P-Lane
1st place female- Hope
2nd place male- Dozier
2nd place female- Amanda C
Get Swole winner- Emilio
Honorable mention (WOD improvement)- Stuart & Shannon
Honorable mention (Physique change)- Zack & Christine

Congrats to all who played the game & thanks to our sponsors for donating prizes: FLO2S, Icebox Cryotherapy, Midtown Life Studio, Drs. Baumrind & Baumrind Family Dentistry, lululemon howell mill, Park Tavern, RiRa Irish Pub, Yeah! Burger, Parq restaurant & KillCliff.

imageCongrats to our CFMakeover winners Stuart, Dozier, P-Lane, Amanda, Christine & Hope (not pictured: Emilio, Zack & Shannon)

Today’s schedule

6a: All Levels CrossFit- Rebecca
7a: All Levels CrossFit- Rebecca
8a: Open Gym- Tirzah
12n: All Levels CrossFit- Lis
4p: Open Gym- Jim
5p: All Levels CrossFit- Ben
6p: All Levels CrossFit- Ben
7p: All Levels CrossFit- Cassie
8p: Open Gym- Cassie

Workout of the Day (WOD)

A. Deadlift: 3×5 workups
B. 5 rounds for total reps of:
15 seconds DUs or singles, Rest :45
15 seconds weighted or strict pull ups, Rest :45
15 seconds burpees, Rest :45

And coming tomorrow…

A. Overhead squat: 12 min to find one-rep max
B. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
Perform a standing double broad jump and 3 snatches at 65% of 1RM
*Two consecutive broad jumps focusing on minimizing ground contact time between jumps.
*Cover as much ground as possible with your broad jump.
*Minimum distance is double your height. For each round you dont jump the minimum distance, perform 5 barbell roll outs after the workout.

MON 11.4.13 Congrats CFMakeover winners! Read More »


Congrats to the 20 athletes who completed CrossFit Midtown’s first PR challenge…and to everyone else who did their first Fran on Fri/Sat. You all did awesome! My mind is still blown from all the PRs. Congrats to you all on your progress. Big ups to our prize winners:
Scaled Women:
1. Anna – 60% IMPROVEMENT!!!
2. Betsy – 24.7% improvement
3. Alison – 24.5% improvement
Scaled Men:
1. Adam – 41% improvement
2. Chuck A – 39% improvement
3. Patrick – 37% improvement
Rx Men –
1. Matt C – 23% improvement
2. Drew – 20% improvement
3. Carlos – 19% improvement
Fastest Rx Man – Austin
Fastest Rx Woman – Rachel

Registration for our next challenge (this one is WORLDWIDE, in conjunction w other boxes around the world!), the Whole Life Challenge, starts next month…more details comin’ atcha this week.

Hydrostatic Body Composition testing is today! This is a great measurement to track your progress throughout your CrossFit journey. The truck will be here from 4-7 pm. Testing is $30. Pay with cash, check or CC inside the gym. There are still spots available from 5 to 5:40 and after 7pm. Sign up for a 10-minute testing appointment by emailing Alicia.


Paleo Night at Urban Pl8 – YUMMY four-course paleo meal for just $25 TOMORROW at 8:30 pm. RSVP for dinner by emailing Alicia or signing up at the gym.
31 Heroes – Sat, 8/4. Check out the link on the sidebar of this page to register.
Olympics Watch Party – Sat, August 4th, 1-5pm at Rira Irish Pub. Get to know your fellow CFMers outside the gym as we watch some Olympics coverage of weightlifting, rowing, swimming, volleyball and more.
Sunday Hooverball – it continues next week at 10am at the Piedmont Park volleyball courts.
Food as Fuel – Sat, August 11th, 12-1:30 – free to members, $25 for guests. Learn how to make
better nutrition choices, grocery shopping tips, and other ways to make eating whole foods a habit.

We had a huge crew of 25 come out for the lululemon Community WOD on Sunday…most of us are pictured here. If you didn’t make it, you missed a good one…BURPEE KETTLEBELL SWINGS anyone???

Workout of the Day

Press: 4 sets of 5, with 3:00 rest between sets
Skill work: Rope climbs
Kettlebell swings:3 sets of 21 (goal is unbroken sets); 1:00 rest between sets
Toes-to-bar:3 sets of 15 (goal is unbroken sets); 1:00 rest between sets

MON 7.29.12 Congrats Fran Challenge winners! Read More »

Goal Setting

Next Wednesday night at 7 pm, Rachel from lululemon howell mill is hosting a free goal-setting workshop at the gym. Join us as she leads us through some exercises to visualize ourselves in the future and set some BHAGs – big, hairy, audacious goals!

Fran Challenge

Fran Challengers, check your inbox! You received an email Tuesday confirming your prelims Fran time and t-shirt size. We’re placing the shirt order this week so email Sam ASAP to confirm your shirt size! EVERYONE – save the date and plan to attend the Fran Finals Party on Saturday, July 28th at noon. We’ll be grilling out, celebrating everyone’s improvement and awarding prizes, so don’t miss the fun!

Rachel pushes through her Fran thrusters as Betsy and Vabs cheer her on.

Workout of the Day

1. Squat cleans – take 15 minutes to work to a heavy single
2. 5 Rounds –
Max Push Ups
1 60-yd shuttle run*
Rest 2:00
*Begin sprint from the push-up position.

Cash-out: 3 x 1:00 plank hold (1 min each – center, L & R side, for three rounds)

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Holiday Schedule – July 4th & 5th

CFM will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. The 6 and 7 am classes will also be cancelled on Thursday, July 5th. All other classes this week will be held as regularly scheduled.
Join us Tuesday for a special hero WOD just in time for the holiday. We’ll post a no-equipment-needed WOD on Tuesday in case you wish to get moving on your own on the 4th.

Goals Check-in

How’s everyone’s progress toward your summer goals? Brand new members, if you’re unsure what I’m talking about, check your inbox this week! Everyone else, it’s time to refocus and reengage yourself. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep reaching toward those goals!

If you need some help with goal-setting, let me know. AND plan to attend our Goal-Setting Workshop on Wednesday, July 11 at 7pm as Rachel from lululemon howell mill will lead us through some imagination, vision and goal-setting exercises.

Knee Socks!

CFM knee socks are in! We have men’s and women’s sizes. They’re $13 for a pair. PERFECT TIMING for today’s rope climbs!

Carlos & Austin rockin’ their matching shirts at the Grand Opening party.

Workout of the Day

1. Find your 1 rep max Front Squat
2. For time:
10 front squats 135/95
1 rope climb
8 front squats
1 rope climb
6 front squats
1 rope climb
4 front squats
1 rope climb
2 front squats
1 rope climb

Compare to 05.14.12

Cash-out: Wall stretch- 2 min ea side; Hamstring stretch w band- 1 min ea side

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Good News:

Welcome to Graham!
Great job to Marshall on his first class today, and to Tess on making it back for her second class. CONGRATS to Dyer on a new power snatch PR! Everyone is making HUGE progress at the Olympic lifts. Remember we’ll focus on these every Thursday.


Next week we’ll place an order for gymnastics grips from Again Faster. Many of you have complained about sore hands and calluses. Use of gloves or grips is a personal preference. I usually train bare-handed with some tape, but I like these grips for high rep pull-up/toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbows, or barbell/kettlebell work if my hands are already tender.
Shoot Lis an email if you’re interested in ordering a pair (check out the link above first for how to measure/determine your size). We may get a price break on quantity, but I’ll confirm once I know for sure…they’ll likely be in the $15-25 price range.

Class Levels

Beginning next week, we’ll be enforcing class levels. Starting Tuesday, 6/26, the 7PM TUESDAY, 6PM WEDNESDAY and 5PM THURSDAY classes will be for Beginners. These classes will focus on fundamental movements and we’ll do a scaled or modified version of the daily WOD. If you are an advanced athlete, you’re welcome to attend this class for some “back to basics” work, or you can attend a different class that day or take a rest day.
Refer to the schedule on the website or email Lis with questions.

Paleo Night at Urban Pl8

Next Tuesday is Paleo Night. Post in the comments if you want to join the CFM table at Urban Pl8 for a delicious four-course paleo meal for just $25. We’ll make an 8:30 reservation so people can head straight there after the 7pm class.

CrossFit Midtown is excited to become community partners with lululemon howell mill.

Workout of the Day – SNATCH

Part 1: Work to a heavy power snatch single (1 rep) in 10 minutes.
Part 2: Using 80% of Part 1 weight, perform three sets of power snatch clusters:
(1 rep, then rest 10 seconds, then 1 rep, then rest 10 seconds, then 1 last rep)
Rest two minutes between sets.
Beginner WOD: Snatch intro, skill work, practice

Here are some pretty awesome snatches:

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Grand Opening Party is Saturday, June 16th!

Please RSVP here if you haven’t already. We’ll be celebrating all our awesome members AND DOING THE WOBBLE. Dancing won’t be required, but it will be highly encouraged. Please begin practicing now:

I can’t believe this was the first video I embedded on our blog.

BUT we can’t WOBBLE until we get 500 FANS. Please share our page on Facebook and help CrossFit Midtown hit the 500 fan milestone!

SAVE THE DATE: Goal-Setting Workshop, Wed July 11th at 7pm

Rachel from the new Lululemon Howell Mill store is hosting a goal-setting workshop at CFM on Wed, 7/11 at 7 pm. We’ll work on some short- and long-term vision building and goal setting. Mark your calendars now to set some BHAGS (awesome acronym, right? Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!).

Free Piedmont Park WODs

Did you know we do a free WOD in the park every Sunday at 10 am? Join us this Sunday at 10 for a WOD (open to the public and suitable for all skill levels). We’ll meet in the meadow near Park Tavern for a WOD, THEN we’ll head over to the sand volleyball courts to play HOOVER BALL. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what Hoover Ball is, we’ll teach you. Carlos is a pro and will be coaching the crew this Sunday!!
So meet in the meadow at 10 am OR at the sand volleyball courts at 11 am. See you Sunday!

Workout of the Day

Bear Complex
7 sets of the following sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
5 rounds – work up to max load

There is no time component – once you start a round you can rest at any time during the sequence EXCEPT with the bar on the ground.

Penalty for dropping the bar mid-round (without finishing your five reps/cycles) is 5 burpees (for each drop), payable at the end of the WOD.

Advanced athletes – count only unbroken rounds. No penalties, just drop weight or try again, until you get all five rounds unbroken.

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