THURS 6.21.12

Good News:

Welcome to Graham!
Great job to Marshall on his first class today, and to Tess on making it back for her second class. CONGRATS to Dyer on a new power snatch PR! Everyone is making HUGE progress at the Olympic lifts. Remember we’ll focus on these every Thursday.


Next week we’ll place an order for gymnastics grips from Again Faster. Many of you have complained about sore hands and calluses. Use of gloves or grips is a personal preference. I usually train bare-handed with some tape, but I like these grips for high rep pull-up/toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbows, or barbell/kettlebell work if my hands are already tender.
Shoot Lis an email if you’re interested in ordering a pair (check out the link above first for how to measure/determine your size). We may get a price break on quantity, but I’ll confirm once I know for sure…they’ll likely be in the $15-25 price range.

Class Levels

Beginning next week, we’ll be enforcing class levels. Starting Tuesday, 6/26, the 7PM TUESDAY, 6PM WEDNESDAY and 5PM THURSDAY classes will be for Beginners. These classes will focus on fundamental movements and we’ll do a scaled or modified version of the daily WOD. If you are an advanced athlete, you’re welcome to attend this class for some “back to basics” work, or you can attend a different class that day or take a rest day.
Refer to the schedule on the website or email Lis with questions.

Paleo Night at Urban Pl8

Next Tuesday is Paleo Night. Post in the comments if you want to join the CFM table at Urban Pl8 for a delicious four-course paleo meal for just $25. We’ll make an 8:30 reservation so people can head straight there after the 7pm class.

CrossFit Midtown is excited to become community partners with lululemon howell mill.

Workout of the Day – SNATCH

Part 1: Work to a heavy power snatch single (1 rep) in 10 minutes.
Part 2: Using 80% of Part 1 weight, perform three sets of power snatch clusters:
(1 rep, then rest 10 seconds, then 1 rep, then rest 10 seconds, then 1 last rep)
Rest two minutes between sets.
Beginner WOD: Snatch intro, skill work, practice

Here are some pretty awesome snatches:

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