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Did you see the JOD (joke of the day) board up front? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, in addition to life-changing health and fitness, CrossFit Midtown now ALSO brings you daily laughter. You’re welcome. If you hate to laugh, there’s also a motivational QuOD (quote of the day) on the board. So you can be uplifted after you giggle.
And oh, did you notice we also knocked a wall down? Later this week the new pull up rig will be installed, and showers are still on the way too. We’re getting awesomer!

Free community WOD this Sunday

Let’s get together to break a sweat for the free August Community WOD at lululemon howell mill on Sunday at 10am. We’re heading to brunch afterward at Urban Pl8. I hope to see lots of CFMers there!

CFM is leading the way in WLC registrations! Join the fun!

Register for Whole Life Challenge using that link on the sidebar… THEN mark your calendars for upcoming WLC shenanigans:
Saturday, September 8 at noon- WLC Pre-Challenge Huddle
Friday, September 14- WLC Eve Not-Paleo Potluck
Saturday, September 15- WLC Prelims
Friday, October 12- Paleo Potluck
Saturday, November 10- WLC Finals, Awards Ceremony and Finals Party

Family & friends can play too! Just have them register under CFM, then select you as their friend/family member. Friends & Family will also be eligible for some prizes (just not as freaking awesome as the ones the CFMers can win).

GET IN THE GAME! It’s all I ever wanted for my birthday.

Flashback to the Grand Opening Party…Matt, Lis, Dan & Dyer

Workout of the Day

A1. Front squat: 12-10-8, :30 rest
A2. Bent over row: 12-10-8, 2 min rest, increase weight if possible

B. The BirthdAMRAP
In 12 minutes, perform as many rounds/reps as possible of:
3 strict pull ups
3 toes-to-bar
2 heavy hang squat clean
2 front squat

Somebody turns 33 today, on the 22nd, in 2012… so that’s where the rep scheme & time domain came from. GET IN HERE AND EMBRACE THE BDAY PAIN TRAIN!

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Whole Life Challenge

I know, I know…you’re tired of hearing about the Whole Life Challenge and how you should totally get into the game. You’re all, “Goodness gracious, I already play pretty close to these rules… why do I need to pay for a Challenge?” or “I know I’m not going to be perfect, so why even play?”
Or, my personal favorite, “I don’t want to be excommunicated just because I don’t participate.”
To be clear, there will be no excommunication.. there WILL BE a lot of people around the gym getting healthier, improving at WODs/lifts, leaning out/bulking up, and just developing better life habits in general. Soooo, if you feel excluded, it’s only because MORE THAN 30 of your CFM-mates are already in the game.

I know eight weeks is a big commitment. You don’t have to be a hermit. We’ll plan group outings that have nothing to do with non-WLC-approved foods/activities. I’m talking hiking, rock climbing, gun range, trampolining, roller derby… etc…

Just take it day by day and create a better life for yourself. Still on the fence? Check out this testimonial…

Email us or come to the Pre-Challenge Huddle if you have more questions. Don’t let self-doubt leave you out of the game…You can do it.

Mark your calendars for upcoming WLC cahoots:
Saturday, September 8 at noon- WLC Pre-Challenge Huddle
Friday, September 14- WLC Eve Not-Paleo Potluck
Saturday, September 15- WLC Prelims
Friday, October 12- Paleo Potluck
Saturday, November 10- WLC Finals, Awards Ceremony and Finals Party

International Make-Fred-Run Day

Workout of the Day

Ring Dips As many reps as possible. Rest 5 minutes. 3 Rounds.

7 sets (shooting for 1:00 rds):
10 thrusters 75/55
5 push ups
25 double unders (or 25 singles)
Rest 1 min

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Quarterly Check-In week wraps up

It’s been a busy week in the gym, testing several benchmark workouts including the Baseline. Congrats to everyone who conquered the Baseline this week…as a warm-up to the regular WOD, no less! SO MANY PRs! Be proud of your achievements over the past quarter and be sure to set some goals for the quarter ahead. Before we know it, November will be here, we’ll be wrapping up the Whole Life Challenge, and retesting all these workouts again. Good luck with today’s CrossFit Total!


Hooverball Sundays

Weekly Hooverball continues Sunday at the Piedmont Park active oval. Be there by 10 am to help claim a court. You can parallel park on Piedmont, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, or in the deck (access off Monroe). Come out and play!

CFM 2.0

We’re already getting a facelift! This weekend we’ll be knocking down a few walls in order to expand the gym floor and install a new pull up cage with squat racks, dip stands and more rings… as well as a few other improvements. We’ll still have Saturday morning classes at 10 and 11, but they’ll be outside, so come prepared for some fun with tires and sledgehammers!!!

Whole Life Challenge update

Team CFM is up to 12 Whole Life Challengers! Alison D, Erin, Beth, Dyer, Bri, Brianne, Laura S, Uran, Vabs, Courtney, Jeremy and Lis are in the game. Who else is joining us? We’re shooting for 40. Get in the game!Register here.

Mark your calendars:
Saturday, September 8 at noon- WLC Pre-Challenge Huddle
Friday, September 14- WLC Eve Not-Paleo Potluck
Saturday, September 15- WLC Prelims
Friday, October 12- Paleo Potluck
Saturday, November 10- WLC Finals, Awards Ceremony and Finals Party

Hooverball Sunday. Be there.

Workout of the Day

If it’s your first class of the week: Warm Up & retest Baseline

1RM Back Squat
1RM Strict Press
1RM Deadlift

Work up to your one rep max of each lift, in order: Back squat, then strict press, then deadlift. You’ll have 12 minutes at each lift, including warm up and three attempts. The heaviest of your three attempts will be your score for that lift. Add up the scores of the three lifts for your CrossFit Total score.

CASH OUT: 1 minute max effort AirDyne sprint for calories

Good Luck!

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The Whole Life Challenge starts next month!

Can eight weeks change your life? Absolutely. From September 15 to November 10, CrossFit Midtown and other affiliates around the world will be buckling down to make positive changes and create healthy habits for ourselves. Read more here.
YES, eight weeks is a long time. But this challenge isn’t about eating perfectly paleo for 56 days. It’s about holding yourself accountable, tracking your behavior (workouts, nutrition, supplements, mobility) and IDEALLY, creating some healthy habits for yourself.
We’ll be having a Whole Life Challenge orientation at the gym in early September, to answer questions, discuss things like grocery shopping and meal planning, and set you up for success for this eight-week period. Registration opens August 15.

New classes

For the month of August, we’re trying out an 8pm class on MONDAY & WEDNESDAY nights. We’ll also add a 4pm class on Fridays. The 7pm Friday class has been cancelled due to very low attendance. If attendance is good, we’ll keep the classes on the schedule.

31 Heroes

This Saturday is the 31 Heroes Fundraiser WOD at 10 am. It’s a fun 31-minute partner WOD. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry about it! Check out the link on the sidebar of this page to register. Dyer has offered to bring post-WOD adult refreshments. THEN we’ll head down the street to Ri-Ra…

Olympics Watch Party

This weekend: Sat, August 4th, 1-5pm at Rira Irish Pub. Get to know your fellow CFMers outside the gym as we watch some Olympics coverage of weightlifting, rowing, swimming, volleyball and more. THEN the party rolls right into URAN DAY… Uran’s bday celebration is Saturday night at Cypress Street Pint & Plate.

Baio shows the AirDyne who’s boss.

Workout of the Day

Back squat:4×5, 3 minutes rest
12 Goblet squats 2/1.5 pood
6 Box jumps 30″/24″
CASH OUT:Wall stretch, two minutes each side

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