Whole Life Challenge

I know, I know…you’re tired of hearing about the Whole Life Challenge and how you should totally get into the game. You’re all, “Goodness gracious, I already play pretty close to these rules… why do I need to pay for a Challenge?” or “I know I’m not going to be perfect, so why even play?”
Or, my personal favorite, “I don’t want to be excommunicated just because I don’t participate.”
To be clear, there will be no excommunication.. there WILL BE a lot of people around the gym getting healthier, improving at WODs/lifts, leaning out/bulking up, and just developing better life habits in general. Soooo, if you feel excluded, it’s only because MORE THAN 30 of your CFM-mates are already in the game.

I know eight weeks is a big commitment. You don’t have to be a hermit. We’ll plan group outings that have nothing to do with non-WLC-approved foods/activities. I’m talking hiking, rock climbing, gun range, trampolining, roller derby… etc…

Just take it day by day and create a better life for yourself. Still on the fence? Check out this testimonial…

Email us or come to the Pre-Challenge Huddle if you have more questions. Don’t let self-doubt leave you out of the game…You can do it.

Mark your calendars for upcoming WLC cahoots:
Saturday, September 8 at noon- WLC Pre-Challenge Huddle
Friday, September 14- WLC Eve Not-Paleo Potluck
Saturday, September 15- WLC Prelims
Friday, October 12- Paleo Potluck
Saturday, November 10- WLC Finals, Awards Ceremony and Finals Party

International Make-Fred-Run Day

Workout of the Day

Ring Dips As many reps as possible. Rest 5 minutes. 3 Rounds.

7 sets (shooting for 1:00 rds):
10 thrusters 75/55
5 push ups
25 double unders (or 25 singles)
Rest 1 min

5 thoughts on “MON 08.20.12 HAPPY BDAY COURTNEY!”

  1. Committing today to WLC! Looking forward to the challenge and creating new habits. Would be awesome if everyone signs up for this as it's a complete investment in yourself and health. Will be back in Wednesday night! Happy Bday Courtney and glad to have you working at CFM!

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