A. Gymnastics Skill Work – 10 minutes
Pick a skill you need practice on – rope climb footwork, muscle ups, ring holds, L-sits, handstands, handstand walks, kipping pull-ups – and work on it for 10 minutes. If you’re not sure, ask your coach and he/she will help you choose.

B. 15 min AMRAP
10 walking lunges (10 ea leg)
10 kettlebell swings 53/35
20 double unders
If you feel beaten down from this week of training, take this WOD at about 70-80%. Easy pace, never gassed, short breaks between movements and rounds. If you feel good, go for it.
Rx+ – each movement UB. Don’t move on until you do the reps unbroken.

BROMANCE! That’s Dan on the left and Drew Vabulas/Vabs on the right. Yes, his name rhymes with FABULOUS. Awesome, right?


It’s the end of your first ever week of CrossFit for some of you – your first week back to regular training for others. So how are you feeling? Are you feeling strong? Energized? Excited about making progress? Or are you super sore? Achy? Irritable? Worn down?

If you say yes to more of the latter than the former choices, you need to take better care of yourself outside the box.

We can help you while you’re here, but the other 23 hours of the day are equally important. Make sure you get plenty of sleep (in a DARK room…even light from the alarm clock can disturb your sleep), limit your stress, drink plenty of water, take fish oil, AND EAT WELL – start making the transition to paleo – get the CRAP out of your diet! Limit alcohol, sugar, grains, legumes and dairy.

Need help with paleo? Jasmine and Lis are teaching a FOOD AS FUEL class on Sat, June 9 from noon-1:30. It’s free to members and we’ll answer all your questions and share some great tactics for making the paleo lifestyle sustainable for you. Email to reserve your spot.


13 thoughts on “05.18.12”

  1. I love it. We’re building a community here at CrossFit Midtown, and that includes bonding while foam rolling. KENLEY was nice enough to donate some more rollers, so we’ll be instituting a “one body per roller” policy from here on out 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kenley!! Sorry, Dan and Drew.

    Lis, can you clarify what you mean by “limit” alcohol? Leaving for vacation tomorrow and want to be sure that the fifth of rum I plan on drinking each day fits into the plan.

  3. Dyer, the way I see it, vacation is your chance to remind yourself why you eat so strictly in the rest of your life. Overindulge a little, feel like crap for a few days, and you’ll remember why moderation (for most, elimination for some) is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

    I’m cutting out booze for a few weeks…maybe all the way until Grand Opening, but I’m not sure I can resist the springtime patios that long.

    Am I the only one planning on buying a pretty new sundress for the Grand Opening?

  4. I don’t think any of us are planning on a Sundress.

    I’m going to cut out booze for the weeks between memorial day and the grand opening. Challenge accepted.

  5. Barbados?! haha! I wish. We’re going to hilton head.

    Thanks for the advice, Lis. I read that as clearance to stuff my pie hole with as much garbage as possible next week.

  6. You are welcome for the foam rollers and lax balls!!:)

    Lis, it is my nature to obtain a new sundress for such occassions. Not ruling it out, but Donice noticed I was wearing new Nike stuff the other night……and last week…..

  7. Kenley, Donice needs to thank Nike for helping you look so damn good… and CFM, actually, as we keep your a$$ looking SO FINE.

    Come on Vabs, with those legs? You’ll look great in a sundress.

    Thanks for commenting, Kenley! I was pretty sure I was the only chick on the blog today…hence, the sundress comment.

    We have classes at 9, 10, 11 tomorrow AM… let’s try to make one big class if possible, to make it more fun for everyone. Then after I coach you guys can hang around to count for/heckle me while I do the WOD.

    Spoiler alert: tomorrow we’re doing our very own CFM BENCHMARK WOD… named, of course, PYROBAR!

  8. What time you coming in Vabs? Scotty, you out there? 10 am?

    *we will hold all classes if necessary, so if you need to hit the 9 or 11, feel free.

  9. Wish I could make it to this wod today. I thought drew was going to wear the sundress and do the 400 dance.

    Dan would probably look good in a dress too.

    I’m pumped for Fran challenge!

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