A. Work to a heavy power clean single

B. Hang power clean:
2EMOM (2 every minute on the minute) for 8 minutes

C. Box jumps:
5 Rounds of 10 UB, :30 rest
Pick a height you can do for 10 unbroken.

Monica and Zack on the ring rows… ladies, if you don’t think you can do CrossFit, check out the chick in the boot, POWERING THROUGH!


Every Sunday we meet out at Piedmont Park for a WOD at 10 am. Bring your friends… these WODs are open to all skill levels and open to the public. This week we’ll meet over near the sand volleyball courts in the active oval. Hang around afterward for some HOOVER BALL if you dare!


9 thoughts on “05.17.12”

  1. Cool! Looking forward to kicking this cold and throwing some weight around with you, Zack!

  2. I’m not sure, but the way it was explained to me is that we’ll take turns pulling a lacrosse ball tied to a string around the gym while Cochard chases it with the vacuum. A little cruel, but also supposed to be hilarious.

  3. Don’t hate me Lis, I am coming to 7 PM tonight. I have a cohen appt at 6 and I have to get x-rayed again!

  4. Fri blog coming soon… stay tuned! New internet set up has us slowed down for a hot second

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