THURS 09.26.12

Champions Are Made When No One’s Watching

– by Instructor Training Program member Urán
Let’s be real for a moment. Making the decision to commit to the Whole Life Challenge was not easy for most of us. Hell, even making the decision to join the gym or visit Nashville hot yoga classes was probably something many of us had to sleep on. Why? Because, there are a million excuses why not to eat well/CrossFit/take care of yourself, etc. There are so many things we face each day that threaten to get in the way of the goal of a healthier lifestyle. But we try anyway because our goal is important to us. And at the gym we have our CFM family there cheering us along as we limp through burpees or do our pullups in sets of 1. And celebrating with us when we destroy the WOD that day. We convene to discuss all things diet, and to talk each other off the proverbial ledge when temptations prove to be almost too strong to resist.
But what about the days when you’re not at the gym? When you’re alone trying to get in your workout for that day? When you’re pissed at the world and just wish you didn’t have to cook so much. That’s where the rubber meets the road. That’s where champions are made. You don’t have to win medals, or even win a prize in this challenge, to be a champion. The Whole Life Challenge is a competition for your life. For a better you – in whatever capacity you allow. This is the chance to prove to yourself that you can and will make positive changes in spite of the negative influences you’re faced with. And to remind yourself that if you falter, or take a step backward, that’s all it is. One step. And you can forge ahead with the knowledge that you have the capacity to make your life exactly what you want it to be. This is your chance to make a life you’re proud of, whether you’re surrounded by people watching you or you’re all by yourself. This is your opportunity to be your own champion.

Tink’s Grass-fed Beef

Tink’s will make a delivery to CFM next Wednesday. Check out the price list below, email your order to, and leave cash or check at the box by Wednesday (meat will be delivered Wed afternoon…payment is due at the time of delivery).

Hooverball, free WOD & yoga in the park!

This Sunday, 9/30, we’re moving our monthly community WOD from lululemon howell mill to the park. LET’S GET A HUGE CREW OUT TO THE PARK SUNDAY FOR A FUN PARTNER WOD! Please wear your CFM gear and meet at the sand volleyball courts at 10am for a warm-up and free WOD (open to the public, suitable for all fitness/skill levels) followed by our weekly Hooverball game.
THEN, Sunday night at 5:30, let’s head back to Piedmont Park to join our friends at lululemon howell mill for 10th & Flow, a huge donation-based yoga event at Piedmont Park, raising funds for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life… an organization fighting childhood obesity.
Congrats to Anna on doing her first strict pull-ups last week. And she repped out three in a skirt suit, at that! Back in June she was on a black band for pull ups and now she’s showing off unassisted strict pull ups regularly in the gym. Be sure to ask her for a pull up next time you see her at CFM!

Workout of the Day

A. 4 sets:
8 Single-Arm Kettlebell Press, right arm
8 Single-Arm Kettlebell Press, left arm
Rest 2 minutes
B. 5 rounds for time:
3 Squat Clean Thrusters 155/115
15 Pull Ups

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  1. Love it Uran! 🙂 And WAY TO GO ANNA! Getting my first pullups is still probably one of my favorite memories!

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