MON 10.08.12


Just in time for the amazing fall weather, we’re ordering hoodies this Friday… $45 for American Apparel navy blue front-zip hoodie. The design is below. We’ll be taking pre-orders for these, and only ordering a limited quantity beyond that. If you wish to order a hoodie, please email us with PAYMENT METHOD (CC on file, or bring cash or check to the box) AND SIZE (unisex XS-2XL… extra charge may apply for 2XL) by Friday at 2pm.

East vs. West recap

CrossFit Midtown made a splash at Saturday’s East vs West competition at CrossFit HD in Chamblee. We had two teams – the Hooverballers (9/13) and Quadzillas (12/13)- compete in the Mixed division, and two teams – the Midtown Get-Downs (12/24) and Chicken Legs (22/24) – compete in the Elite division. But this competition was about SO MUCH MORE than the final standings. Competing is about mingling with the CrossFit community, seeing where you stack up outside your box (on THAT given day, in THAT given field, in THOSE given WODs), and having fun.
CFM opened less than five months ago, and most of our competitors have only been doing CrossFit that long (or not even that long!). It was the first CrossFit competition for 17 of the 21 athletes who competed! Thanks to all of you who stepped outside your comfort zone to compete on Saturday. We competed with CF Games competitors, elite Olympic lifters, former college/pro athletes, and OURSELVES. I am proud of all of you, and thank you all for giving it everything you’ve got.
Like Tirzah said: “Now I know what I have to work on.” Whether you realized you’ve got some work to do at box jump-overs (the Twinkle Toes award goes to Woody!), gymnastics (damn you, handstand push ups!), Olympic lifting, or just sprints and baton hand-offs, I hope you all learned something about yourselves and had a great time. Be proud!

More yoga AND kettlebells!

Ask and you shall receive! We’re now offering yoga classes on Tuesdays at 8:15pm with Monica AND Wednesdays at 1:15pm with Beth. Stay tuned for details on a Saturday yoga class AND a weekly kettlebell class (both with Amy). Class attendance for CFM students counts as one of your weekly visits. OR CFM students and visitors are also welcome to join yoga or kettlebell classes for a $15 drop-in fee.

Hydrostatic body composition testing rescheduled

Body composition testing has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 17 from 4 to 7pm. Sign up for your time slot at the box or by emailing Courtney. Bali has offered a complimentary test to those who were scheduled on the original day.

Courtney crushing one of approximately one jillion overhead squats she did for the Elite division Chicken Legs in WOD 1 of Saturday’s competition. Get it guuuuuuurl!

Workout of the Day

A. Back Squat: 15-10-5 at 3211 tempo, 2min rest
B. 8 sets:
8 kettlebell swings heavy
125m row, run or 25sec AirDyne
rest 2:45

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  1. I had a great time competing with the Quadzillas this weekend! Tell me I'm not the only one sore today though…

  2. Oh no, you're not the only one. Vabs told me today would be worse than yesterday, and I didn't totally believe him, but he was right. :-/ I'm stiff as a board.

  3. Sweet hoodies! Loved seeing all you newbies and oldies compare this weekend. Truly a sign of great things to come! I hope you all feel proud of yourselves as you recoup from your soreness!

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