TUES 10.09.12

Welcome to Christine, Jared and Ricky!

Competition Meeting Thursday at 8

Some of you got a taste of competition this weekend and you’re ready for more! Others were unable to join us this weekend, but still want to compete down the road. Regardless of where you fall, if you’d like to consider competing again, and potentially join Team CFM for the CrossFit Games Open season (starting in February), join us Thursday at 8pm in the box for a meeting to discuss plans, brainstorm some ideas/schedule options, and get organized for upcoming competitions.

Yoga tonight & tomorrow

CFMers, get your yoga on! Join Monica tonight at 8:15 for yoga, suitable for all experience levels. Bring your yoga mat if you have one. Otherwise, we have a few spares for you to use. Beth’s class also continues Wednesdays at 1:15pm. Class attendance for CFM students counts as one of your weekly visits. OR CFM students and visitors are also welcome to join yoga classes for a $15 drop-in fee.

Hydrostatic body composition testing

Body composition testing has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 17 from 4 to 7pm. Tests are $30. Sign up for your time slot at the box or by emailing Courtney. Bali has offered a complimentary test to those who were scheduled on the original day.


Just in time for the amazing fall weather, we’re ordering hoodies this Friday… $45 for American Apparel navy blue front-zip hoodie. The design is below. We’ll be taking pre-orders for these, and only ordering a limited quantity beyond that. If you wish to order a hoodie, please email us with PAYMENT METHOD (CC on file, or bring cash or check to the box) AND SIZE (unisex XS-2XL… extra charge may apply for 2XL) by Friday at 2pm.

Chicken Legs & Midtown Get-Downs: Richie, Vabs, Woody, Courtney, Don, Dan, Carlos & Lis

Workout of the Day

A. 5 sets: 1 Power Clean, 1 Push Press, 3 Push Jerk (do not drop bar between reps). Rest 2 min
B. Deadlift:6-5-4-3, 3min rest
C. Row or Run: Row 500m or Run 400m, rest 90sec, then Row 500m or Run 400m again (don’t mix it up…row & row or run & run ONLY)

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